If HOU gets Holgs then Sampson better get $$$$

Sampson better get a hot new contract with a huge truckload of cash if we pony up for Holgs.


Regardless, CKS has earned whatever paycheck he wants.


We sold over 6k tickets to play NJIT during a holiday weekend head to head with a CFP game. Safe to say that basketball revenue has increased dramatically and Sampson isn’t the only one in the basketball department due for a raise.


Need to make sure Lauren and Kellen get raises too. They are the anchors holding CKS here.


Simply put, CKS deserves a new 5-year contract.

Last I remember, CKS was under contract thru the '20-'21 season at a total compensation of $1.4 Mil per year.

It placed him in the middle (at the time) of AAC coaches.

I seem to recall that he was offered a new contract a few months back.

Does anyone know the status of that offer ?

I believe its on hold to see how finances shook out after the Fertitta Center opened.

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is there a primary issue?

what issues? In football we will always be at risk for losing coaches when they succeed, but we can build a superpower in basketball and expect to retain the coach. I hope we do whatever it takes to retain sampson, he has breathed life into a dead program.


He already believes Kellen could take over and the team wouldn’t skip a beat. He probably has no intentions on leaving before the end of the contract but also doesn’t want to extend it so Kellen could take the reins in 21-22.

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I hope not. We know what we have in CKS, not so much with Kellen.

Seems an odd position if CKS is still wanting to coach. Would he stay on as an adviser ?

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Don’t have any inside information. Heard others talk about Kelvin wanting to groom Kellen for a head coaching position and the recent comment in a post game about Kellen I mentioned before.

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And what we would know about any candidate?

Let’s put it this way, if we thought we could hire the top assistant that had worked under one of the 4 or 5 best coaches in the country for 5+ years, we’d all be salivating

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I’m not opposed to it. Just prefer he get more experience under his old man…say 5 or 6 more years.

By then, I probably will not be able to see the court anyway.


You’d think he would still want to coach another 5-6 years and try to win a NC here at UH.

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Let him win us a NCCA championship and then he can retired and his son can take over.

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That is exactly what I thought the goal was. Kevin was training his son to take over this team when he retires.

I still say we need a “ha ha” button along with the hears and others . . . . .

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Easy there, snap dragon…one game at a time, please

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