If Houston joins the Big 12

…and with the amount of season tickets sold so far, how long would it be when TDECU expands its capacity to 60k ??!

Imagine , what coach Herman can do in recruiting if UH joins the Big 12 in 2017/next year.

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We can expand during the off season, so that’s a plus. Our stadium isn’t much smaller than Baylor or TCU. I’ve always been a believer in expanding when you have the demand to sell the additional seats. It may make more sense to expand to 50K if the demand warrants and expand to 60K later.

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An addition of that size could be down in one off season?

Yes. The stadium was designed and built to add in 10K increments. The foundations are already there.

I would imagine that the administration would raise ticket prices first.

How about we not get ahead of ourselves?

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I think they should do a combination of that. Raise prices on premium tickets while building a waiting list. Once we have 5K on the waiting list and still selling out, expand.

Bingo. That’s how you do it.

Fertitta was on 790 yesterday and said that once we have Big 12 bid in our hands, we will expand to 60,000 within 1 year…Expansion is a done deal.


My guess is that in the first off-season prior to our first in the Big 12-14, we would add at least 10K, with perhaps another 10K sometime after that.

Corporate sales will go through the roof, right now we don’t get much

We are not a 60,000 seat animal. Just stop it.

Keep the value of the season tickets. Don’t just expand to some behemoth making it easier for someone to just walk up and get a seat. 45,000 or 50,000 (don’t like it but you can convince me) is really ALL we really need.

Now rest rooms on the second story of TDECU…

Lets make sure that we allow the value of tickets to inflate to the point that many of the longtime, most loyal fans are no longer able to afford tickets. Corporate group sales that might get used are really good for creating a dynamic atmosphere.


Let’s not expand until we sell 30,000+ season tickets.
We need to have consistent demand before we expand.

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Do some of you fail to grasp that stadium expansion is a requirement for Big 12 membership? WHY do you think Fertitta said what he said??


I am assuming this was said with sarcasm, and if so, I completely agree. Everyone is so fond of saying how we’re the best value in sports in Houston, but yeah let’s keep raising prices…


The first stage of expansion is to build up the north side 3rd deck. If demand exists, build it.

The final stage of expansion is to fill the northwest corner. That would eliminate the skyline view from the south side. Look, I’m a northsider, but the skyline view is an iconic feature of UH football. I’d be happy if that final stage is never built.

Restrooms and concessions on the upper deck need to get done first before expansion. Even if an invite comes in September, UH wont be playing in the B12 until 2018. Give the fans that have been loyal customers for years the concessions and restrooms and escalators needed for the upper decks.

Twenty-seven months after September would be December 2018. So according to the AAC restrictions, UH wouldn’t be able to play in the Big 12 until the 2019 season. Of course, UH would likely seek some sort of agreement that would allow them to leave the AAC earlier than that.

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