If I told you we give up 20 Points

Would you say we would have won?

Some Perspective…Memphis gave up 45 today…to a team we held to 22 pts…AND WON BY 21 POINTS!!!

It appears that both our OC and DC are pathetic. Therefore, you have to question this whole coaching staff.


Maybe… this is our 3rd game this season scoring 20 or less

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Tulane scores 32 a game at home this year

Tulane gives up 31 overall…24 at home.

If you told me the Coogs would have 60 more rushing yards than Tulane, I’d have assumed we won handily.

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Highly skewed by the 62 they scored on Tulsa, a team we lost badly to, and 43 vs FCS Grambling

Their other 3 home games they scored 28, 21, and 16. Even a horrible Cincinnati held them to 16

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And Cincy gave up 48 to ECU today…your turn. Our offense points per game are skewed…we scored 52 against the worst defense in the country 2 weeks ago. We scored 38 vs pitiful Rice. 17 vs awful Tulsa…worst run defense in America. 17 vs bad Arizona defense. 10 vs TT defense until they went into prevent last 7 mins…and commited 5 turnovers. 35 vs SMU that gave up 66 to Memphis today

3-8 Cincy beat Tulane. We didn’t.

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And the offense had nothing to do with it? The offense scored 17…and 7 came off interception by defense.

Our offense sucks. I agree. I hate it. I’ve hated it for 3 years


That doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m with you, I’ve hated it for 3 years despite winning. Never complain about winning but I knew eventually the offense would be predictable and worthless.

I miss the Air Raid. I never EVER felt like we were out of it. I felt like we ALWAYS had a chance to win.

I don’t know if the Air Raid is the total solution, but I think it’s better than this

Oh hey another round of “our offense is too predictable bring back the tecmo bowl offense so we can catch everyone off guard with the world’s second smallest playbook”

Yes bring back the air raid. UH 56 Mercer 48. Know your scoreboard and previous games before you get snarky.

But I kid.

Agree, not saying it’s the solution just missed when our offense moved and didn’t leave you scratching your head afterwards.

We have Kim Helton’s offense combined with Art Brile’s defense. Worst of both worlds.


This view has merit.

If you only get to change one coordinator, which one would you pick?