If Memphis wins, how much will it cost the AAC?

From UCF not going to a NY6 bowl?

I don’t know but UCF’s defense is looking worse than UH’s so far. Kinda surprising.

Neither we or Memphis is playing the real UCF this year without Milton

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This is a disaster for the AAC

The bigger question. Should UCF replace their defensive coordinator with Mark D’Onofrio? We looked much better in the first half than this. :sunglasses:

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The disaster was UH falling apart late in the season. Coulda been ranked going into this game with a win giving UH the NY6 game.

I hate Navy football.


Memphis crushed UCF in the first half last time they played

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Unfortunate for the conference the championship game ended up being this.

THIS :point_up_2:


As if we needed any help!!

I want to know what was in CKB/CMA’s head during the SMU game

If you can’t pass the ball then great I get that, but running the ball up the middle every damn play? You could run options, tosses, sweeps, reverses, wildcats… but we chose to run up the middle every play


It’s 4 million to the conference plus UCF gets 2.25 million for travel expenses. Group of 5 conferences get an additional 81 million that they split mostly evenly (not the MWC) with some additional percentage for performance. I would guess that with the Fiesta Bowl the conference would get close to 25 million and lose about 6 million without it.

The conference would make less for sure but you’d lose the UCF storyline, too, for next year.

Personally I’m weary of the UCF worship. Everyone in this conference is auditioning for something bigger. If a team’s going to a big bowl undefeated I want it to be mine.

ESPN is reporting that the UCF guy that threw the chop block was actually Aresco.




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Unfortunately there are 2 halves in a game. 3 points vs 35 points given up in the 2nd half

I was being facetious. My bad for using :sunglasses: instead of :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Not sure if it would have helped though.

Still, Memphis has 11 fewer points playing on the road than they scored against our MASH unit at home. Not saying we shouldn’t have canned D’Onofrio, but by the same token the RPO in college football today is getting to the point where it can hardly be stopped, especially if a team has a talented QB who makes good decisions.

I get that, but an additional 500k or so would be like manna from Heaven to our athletic department.

With our new TV deal coming up well before realignment, I think UCF going to and winning a NY6 bowl will help Aresco negotiate a better deal than a UCF flop.

I know their narrative can annoy some, but it certainly keeps the conference in the conversation.

I’ll take that until we can get better on the field.