If not Trump...who? If not Biden...who?

For those of you who are die hard Trump fans. If he wasn’t running or drops out, who do you like instead?

Vivek for me.

If not Biden…who?

I REALLY hope our options are anyone other than Trump or Biden. Please!?!?!?


I’ll vote for one of the Republicans standing up to trump in the republican primary. If trump wins the primary, I’ll write in again.



It’s gonna be Biden. RFK Jr.s favorables are in the 20s. Not even close to Biden’s.

Unless he drops out, he’s the nominee.

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Newsom? Someone else?

Not this cycle.


At this point, i would rather just 4 more years of Biden for status quo, or a trump win just so we can get rid of him. Any other candidate is a guaranteed waste of a vote

I’m so tired of trump era politics, but sadly even if he loses i worry that he will still be attached to politics until he dies

I suppose I could get behind Ben Sasse if he ran, but he appears to have retired from Politics.

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Why are you posting?

This board is beneath you correct?

As long as he has a sizeable group faithful, he will continue to be able to poison the well. It seems few Republicans want to stand up to him. The few that do get branded Rino’s no matter how conservative they are.


That is a separate question but makes sense to have it here. So I changed the thread title.

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I think it should be deleted, doesn’t mean im not going to post in it lol

I think it’s a toxic section

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