If talent is the problem

If talent is the issue, then aren’t these players from Herman’s recruitment?

Did we lose that many defensive players that we can’t hold a team anymore? Something went wrong with this defense if we can hold a better passing team in Texas Tech and can’t stop Memphis at home.

Redshirt juniors, seniors, and redshirt seniors would be Tony Levine recruits. That should make up the bulk of your players, your playmakers, and especially your leaders.

Talent is not the problem. Just like when Levine was here and everyone was saying he had nothing to work with. Then Herman came in and all of a sudden we had talent that first year.


We lack overall team speed, especially on the offense side of the ball, however there isn’t a lack of talent. I don’t think the talent is being maximized by any means, though.

Probably is the weakest talent since 2012 (that team was very inexperienced in playing time), but mainly just issues at certain positions. There are ways to maximize the talent of this team, don’t see the coaches doing that. D-line is great, linebackers solid, half the secondary is good. Oline isn’t terrible, good possession WRs, decent RBs who can be good, average QB.

Talent is absolutely the problem! The talent of our coaching staff is nonexistent.

Penalties, turnover margin and losing the second half every game means coaching IS the issue.