If the existing Big 12 Schools have no other P5 suitors

If the existing Big 12 Schools have no other P5 suitors and are told they can accept an AAC invite at around $10M/year or find their own path forward, which school is most likely to go independent?

My guess is Baylor- they just won a BB Natty and they probably think they will be on top regardless of their conference and in football they would likely schedule some CUSA and MAC schools to try to prop up their win total.

I hope they do.

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Going Indy is very hard to do, it’s the scheduling that’s problematic in all sports. I could of seen Texas go this route. If there’s no P5 suitors then they will need to bite the bullet and join the AAC.

None of them have a prayer of surviving as an independent.


West Virginia, they could go Indy in football, play basketball in the big east.

Why continue the BIG12 travel if you are not going to play Texas or OU. Is it still worth it ?


Okay, yeah, I take that back. The Big East has a ridiculously lucrative contract. They could maybe pitch Kansas too.

Highly unlikely but not impossible.

Fox gets both W Virginia and Kansas to big East basketball with cash infusion. Something to think about.

The Big East doesn’t even play D1 football. Why would any P5 school want to join them?

To be fair, I’m not sure what Kansas does every Saturday but I’m not sure it’s “football.” Their brand is basketball and I’m sure theyd want to protect that legacy.

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Kansas doesn’t need the Big East. The American would take them in bball immediately. And the travel wouldn’t cost much.

UConn had that too, except the travel part.

My point is geography matters.

The heart wants what the heart wants.