If we could

…Let Dana go at the end of this season, who would be our HC candidates? This is just a fun practice because I am under no delusion it will happen. Just like to fantasize sometimes. Some candidates off the top of my head:

  • Jeff Lebby
  • Jeff Grimes
  • Deion Sanders
  • Bill O’Brien
  • Josh Gattis
  • Charles Huff
  • Clay Helton
  • Tyson Helton


Bill O’Brien… I think our offense is boring enough as it is.


alright now… I think I see you working

Who is currently the top I-FCS coach in TX?

Bill O’Brien?


I disliked O’Brien…but the Texans seemed to do even worse after they fired him.

Dana just got an extension. He’s not leaving anytime soon.

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Deion Sanders would be a wild hire…but it could work

Lebby and Grimes would revamp our offense. Holgorsen’s problem is he wants to fit the players into his scheme rather than the other way around.

Huff and Sanders would be leaders of men.

Helton and BoB would be CEO types.

People can say what they want about Deion he is dead serious about his craft. He would fill that stadium every game attract eyeballs from across the nation and win too boot, with top recruits wanting too play for him. Much as people think he is full of himself he’s not, is he confident in his abilities, damn right he is, and he is a man of faith, takes his faith seriously. Not to say you have to have that to be a great Coach, but it helps. Imo


BOB is too much of a control freak to ever be a CEO type coach.

Yall act like we are some huge destination


He ran them into the ground. Rebuild was required.

Yeah because they foolishly made him the GM as well.

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Kendal Briles.

Lebby would be my top choice. Have him with a good DC and I think we’d be a force

We are about to join the Big 12… No one is proposing poaching Saban neither. Not catching your point.

Gary Patterson if you want a great defense.

No to Briles, father and son, no to Herman, and no one has mentioned it yet, but no to Sumlin.


Deion interviwed for the TCU job…if he was interested in that Texas Big 12 job, he’d be interested in ours

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