If we fire coaches for 8-4 seasons

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The biggest problems with this team are the same as last years team. You’ve had two coaching changes in the five year player cycle. It is extremely difficult to build much depth that way. That is the main argument to support going out and paying Holgerson and his staff what they’re being paid. It is supposed to bring stability, improve recruiting consistency, and help create a situation where players develop. We will know in 4-5 years if CDH can convert that plan into results and “a program.” If you’re not willing to ride with him for 4 years you’ve defeated the purpose of this approach. I would have personally gone after an up and comer who had actually built a program as a head coach but I understand the approach that the people in power took on this one. It has merit.


We all new this Renu quip would come back to bite UH in the ass…it was just a matter of time. But, do we have to keep bringing it up ourselves? It’s meaningless now. UH made a mistake in hiring Major…hoping all the good words from Texas HS coaches meant recruiting would kick ass then that didn’t happen and his D coordinator hire was the worst since Levine’s offensive coordinator hire.

That’s the past. We have a complete, and very competent coaching staff. Still we’re probably going 5-7 this year…and guess what? Holgy ain’t going nowhere…nor should he.

It’s a process folks and this is the beginning. Take a stiff drink, go to the games, and upgrade your season tickets if you get the chance.


Dude, give that phrase a rest. It was a flippant comment made at a coctail party, it was not a mission statement. CMA wasn’t fired for the 8-4 season’s record, he was fired because the direction of the program was going south and the 70-14 showing against Army sealed it. We are seeing the fruits of the last 4 years of recruiting and Holgorsen is trying to keep the ship from going down until it can be beached and repaired. It may/probably get worse before it gets better.


Let’s not forget the 4 years of well below par recruiting that was Herman and Apple Boy.

The talent level of the O and D lines are not where they need to be.

Having said that, the lack luster second half performances can pretty much be laid at the feet of the coaching staff and their philosophies.

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Defense, yes. We have some holes on the line. But why is the coaching staff not playing some of our best players? Every time Chambers is on the field, he is getting to the QB, but is 3rd on the depth chart.

The Offense… no. There is loads of talent left by Applewhite. It is being incorrectly utilized starting with receiving corp assignments and jacking with tempo

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Every new coach gets at least one “freebie” season.

The following season though…we need to see RESULTS!!!


My threshold for this season was bowl eligibility, ie 6-6. I am trying hard to see how we are going to get there at this point. I think you get a “freebie” as long as progression is seen as you move through the schedule.

So… maybe we only win four games, but if we start playing complete games, the defense continues their improvements, and some of the offensive assignments get worked out, I’ll be fine. However, if we continue the second half collapses and we don’t get bowl eligibility, then no. Holgo should be held responsible…

That being said, we all know he ain’t getting released after one year with that contract. He will be here for four years good or bad. So, let’s hope that progression is made.

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1 year freebee? It is going to take 2-3 years to build this program the correct way. We can continue doing what we’ve been doing and get the same results or change course and have someone that is interested in hanging around for a while lead us through it. I do not recall CDH ever setting high expectations about this season. Don’t be surprised if it continues through next year.


This was always going to be a transitional year. I’m not saying we should be happy about losing to Tulane, especially blowing a big lead, but this team is going to have struggles. CDH will take time to get his system up and running, and one thing our program desperately needs is a period of stability at the head coaching position.

Our defense is very porous, and we’re going to have to outscore people to win games.
I told myself I wouldn’t panic no matter what happened this year (I thought 5-7 was very possible) and I’m going to try and stick to it. We really need CDH to be a successful, long term solution at head coach, and it’s going to take some patience.


So how do we “win now/successfully rebuild right now?
Since I’ve never coached but spent 40+years building successful campus faculties - based on State test results (having to use a yearly cycle like a HS/college sports team to recruit and develop good teachers) I’m curious as to your first 4-5 steps you’d take in the win this year/rebuild process. I find it often takes several years to turn around a campus. Your list might help me see something I’m missing that I can add to my process.

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we threw downfield, just have a QB that was not hitting his marks.

makes me realize how much of our previous success was just King making it happen with his feet

that is not a prescription for a long career at QB


you should not doubt the brilliance of your fellow posters

they are all hidden gems, that only need their chance with a headset

Helton got three years before posting his one winning season. He sealed us not getting into the Big 12.

Called a few friends yesterday on the SE and NE side. Fortunately, all were fine. A couple are local HS coaches and the all said the same thing about Tulane. “You’ve got to let Dana get his guys in here”.


Unlike business, or any real world enterprise, you can’t just go out and hire new players in college sports (unless you are Kentucky or KU basketball). The first step in producing good teams is to recruit good players, expecially on the OL and DL. With a good OL, adequate backs can look really good and good backs can look great. With a good DL putting pressure on the QB and stopping the run, it helps the DB’s look better than they may be.

Unfortunately, building an OL is a multiyear process.


Perhaps the best thing is to do nothing and remain patient with the understanding of the many factors that contribute to a program that experiences challenges. Thank goodness the UH administration didn’t fire Bill Yeoman when he had three losing seasons in 1963, 1964 and 1965 or Jack Pardee when he lost the opening game in 1987 to OKLA STATE 35-0 and was 1-6 to start that season. .


And, that 1987 Pardee team had LOADS of talent.

Yeoman did not leave the team without talent.

In fact, starting with 1988 season for the next 3 years, only Fla St had more wins over those 3 years.

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I think our O line is not good.

Our Center and Guard play could be better, but it isn’t terrible. Pass protection needs work. Overall, if the offense does two things: put up over 30 pts a game and control the clock when needed, then they are good. They are doing one of those things.