If we had beaten UTSA

would we have kept Levine for another year and missed out on Herman? I hate to imagine it, as much as I wish we would have won that game and kept the excitement going that year… if that had to happen for us to have last season and Coach Herman, then I can live with it.

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Why is this even a point of discussion? What happened happened.
Do you wonder what would have happened if the Germans hadn’t bombed Pearl Harbor?


lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tough crowd.

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I’m going to say yes – but not only do we keep Levine, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say we still win the conference with him at the helm. We might even still go to a NY6, though I doubt we win it, and our recruiting class, while solid, isn’t quite as good.



As humiliating as it was, thank goodness we lost to Tulane.

Forget it, he’s rolling


Come on fellas…it’s a famous movie reference. Shame on ya for not knowing.

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I’m forever thankful to Tulane. I wore a black shirt in hopes of putting the season to rest. And cannot remember ever spending that much $$ on alcohol at a game. Despite the early start due to projected weather concerns (and the loss), it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Just was relieved Mack pulled the trigger.

uhhh no. Levine NEVER was taking us to a NY6 Bowl. NEVER! That is an insult to Tom Herman

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Youngsters… no knowledge of classic movies… :slight_frown:

the youngsters are actually continuing the reference, right?


Yes we were.

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Grizzly Adams DID have a beard…

Y’all are on double secret probation…

Shame on you for not knowing the continuance of that movie reference! :yum:


I love this point. I was beside myself that day. Sometimes bad things lead to good outcomes.

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That limb you’re going out on is more a twig.

I am a big fan of Levine. I think is a true stand-up guy. But he KNEW keeping Bush would sink or swim him and he decided to do it anyway. It sank him.

What happened, happened.

Levine wasn’t ready. I think he will be one day and I hope he gets the chance.

(I am still of the opinion that if Tom Herman wasn’t going to be available and interested, we may not have even fired Levine that year. But that’s another conversation.)

Maybe he will show back up as an assistant at UH one day. I mean, we did let Alvin Brooks back on campus.

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