"If we want to be big time, we must fill the stadium..." - Coach Herman

He just said, we must fill the stadium no matter who the opponent is. Sounds obvious, but we still have over 3,000 tickets left for this week’s game.

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This is probably the only game this season where this would come into play, but if you expanded our student section back to 7500, we would essentially have a sell out at this point.

I commend the AD’s desire to capitalize on the potential revenue of the additional 2500 seats, but if there isn’t major movement between now and say, Wednesday, I hope the appropriate measures are being taken to allow as many students in as possible come Saturday.


I would make the call at the end of the day tomorrow. Extra revenue from additional ticket sales doesn’t offer enough upside at this point.

Give the students until the end of Thursday to claim their tickets, and offer up whatever is left on Friday.

Try to sell tickets all week. Sell as many as you can. Come Saturday, if the game isn’t sold out, let everyone with a student ID in until the stadium fills. I’m convinced that’s the way they did it for the UTSA game to open the stadium.

We at least need to sell out every game. Filling it is another question



I believe that’s what they do for each game. Students aren’t turned away if tickets are available at game time.

And yes, that is what was done for UTSA. I was sitting upper deck on the visitors side and was surrounded by students for that game.

Saw a 2 for $30 Labor Day promo on Twitter for this game I think.

No excuses.

If we want to be in the Big12…then we have to SHOW UP like the big time schools do…

Hell those schools schedule cupcake no-name opponents to pad their schedule, and they still sell out…

We’re gonna have to work this week. I’m wearing a UH polo to work tomorrow to keep the conversation going…

WE can get this done. Our team deserves it! Time for the fans to go 1-0


Well, they don’t really sell these types of games out, but that doesn’t matter - they’re in, and we’re trying to get there, so we have to shed our old reputation.

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