If we win out & win AAC Tournament

What seed would we get? I say 5 seed! A win this week would move us up to 22, 2 wins next week, we are probably at 18. Win the AAC TOURNAMENT we could be maybe 16. Where you are ranked has some determination on seeding!

We’ll be a 5 or 6 seed if we win out. If we lose 1 and win the remaining, we’ll be a 6. If we lose 2, and win the remaining we’ll be a 6-7. If we lose the three remaining regular season games but win the conference tourney, we’ll be a 7-8. If we lose out, we’ll probably be a 9-10 seed.

If we’re not a 1 seed its the refs’ fault.


The only seed for the AAC.

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A 5 seed would be a big improvement!

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Gotta win out for that to even be on the table.

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my ncaa tournay preference- (note im not high on sdsu or dayton)

  1. 8 seed in sdsu bracket
  2. 6 seed in the dayton bracket
  3. 7 seed in dayton bracket
  4. any 5 seed bracket, that oregon isnt the accompanying 4seed
  5. any 6 seed bracket, that kentucky isnt the accomanying 3seed
  6. any 7 seed bracket, that duke isnt the accompanying 2 seed
    all 8/9 seed options are terrible outside of sdsu

Pesik if we win out what seed do you think we will be?

most likely a 6seed…but with a 5 seed on the table if there is chaos above us and we utterly dominate UC and memphis
based on previous years our conference tourney (because its so late) has little impact on seeding

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Duke hasn’t been very strong away from home this year.

Give us a 7 seed or less and let us just go out and kick butt. We have to beat the heavy weights sooner or later, may as well get them out of the way early.

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I’d just like to find our shooting about now. Yes, now would be a helluva time to find out we can shoot a high percentage.