I'm Back!

Hi everyone,

I got a new job in the galleria and am no longer assisting UH Bball as a consultant. I am allowed back on coogfans!

I had a blast working with the team. Back to solely being a die-hard active fan.

Any club section neighbors?

See yall at the games!



Glad you’re back! See you at Fuddruckers in a month or so if not sooner


How much are you allowed to tell us about your experience working with the team?


Congrats on the new job!

Welcome back!

We’re responsible for a few things on Gameday with Marketing.

We are a spirit org.

What do you think we can do to help improve the student section culture at the FC?

Make uh basketball tshirts and pass out for free at major games like Okie State on Sunday and conference games starting in January

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This is something we are kind of thinking of right now. However, we are in need of funding

We currently do Who’s He and Trash Can Person

Poka dot rally towels for the big games like OSU and Wichita state and Memphis and Cincinnati


Encourage people to bring them every game! And on the shirts y’all outta do one section white the other red and so on and strip the FC! It would look awesome

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My bad missed read the text. I thought you meant the whole arena! Is there anyone we can email with the rally towel idea and shirts? I think it would be a great idea and the rally towels would get everyone involved more

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We don’t need to hand out shirts, we can probably put out a notice (like most games coming up) to participate in an activity!

For towels? They did that for football. Let’s contact marketing to see what is going on.

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Tshirts and food is what has worked :). Anything else typically misses the mark

Trash can man is awesome

Poor guy wants to see the game. U need to cut out a hole for him to see without him having to lift the lid

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They can see it! Just lift the lid a bit and see the rest. Or, carry a phone and watch a stream

Can y’all get Hubcap guy to pop out of the trash can and spin his hubcap one game?

Lol kinda joking.


Trash can man should have a number of costume type items, or props, inside the can and then pop out with something ridiculous to distract the free throw shooter. We need more than just body paint, at this point.


that would be great–crazy wigs or hats, a toga, bathing suit, space suit–take up a collection from the students down in that area for old costume stuff