I'm happy

This team will improve. The coaches now know what to work on. This won’t be our only loss and we will have many wins.


Need a Dline that can penetrate and linebackers who plug holes. DB #6 was great!


We looked like a team that’s gone through a compete makeover and had a little rust still.

We will improve as the season goes by. I like what I saw last night.


I think our D is still in the thinking mode instead of reacting mode. They will be better, but there’s a reason OU is #4 and their receivers are ranked with the best in the country, they are fast and very shifty. Our DB’s were just over matched.


I felt like we got some good pressure early on, but Hurts would just take off. I don’t care what they lost, that O-Line still looked very good for OU and they held like crazy every play. I think we can get pressure on Washington St’s QB to take some pressure off the secondary.

And those who can fend off O’lines that tackle them.

Their O-line can hold with the best of them😎

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