Im so incredibly thankful

Its been a long time since ive said anything. Been around. Not dead as once feared. Just quietly going about my business.

Last year in Louisville i ran into kevin dacey. He was sitting next to me at the game. A quick conversation later and bam the legend of the “yeti” was solved. I was caught out in the open and photographed before i even knew it. Where yat benny anders. Next man up.

The love i have been shown by everyone leaves me humbled and slightly embarrassed. I never meant to disappear. Life happened. I apologize for my being absent for so long. Im so glad to be back and immediately accepted as if i had never left.

What a story our coogs have embarked on. A story we all knew would be written (again) without knowing when. We just believed and knew it would.

The growth of the fan base is almost unbelievable. We can go back to yoeman or pardee but this, this is different. There seems to be a foundation that has been laid. The structure is more “brick and mortar”. Its tangible.

I will be around more. I promise. Life is happening again. The coogs are happening again.


Welcome back!

I feel that the brick and mortar you talk about is thanks to Khator. Herman is her current tool, but without her smarts and commitment to athletics, we’d be nowhere. She’s AMAZING!

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MD we have always kept a Cougar eye out for you. The legend of MD Coog was told to those generations that need to know that there were those that have laid the foundation before anyone believed. You were a pioneer my friend and those that were there along side of you never forgot. So welcome back.

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Love this post! So happy for the old timers. Grateful Bill Yeoman can witness this

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You read my mind. Every day that passes without a P5 invitation is an insult to all of our Golden generation. When we do get back in a P5 my first thought will be for all that are up in heaven and the ones that are still with us.

I never thought of myself as an “old timer”. I did leave team swanks tailgate after awhile yesterday due to too much going on. I did, subsequently, go to russ/ kevins tailgate to hang out with… oh shit, im an old timer. Lol.

I agree with the khator foundation reference. Tilmans influence cannot be understated. I went into yesterdays game with no doubt in my mind that we would perfom and win. I cannot remember ever being that confident internally. She is also hot. Smart, hot women will win everytime. Glad shes ours. She does not appear to be going anywhere either. She does both the daily grind and the “political” portions of the job. Most do only one. The school and the city are becoming emotionally invested in both she and herman. Its symbiotic. They will, in turn, become emotionally involved as well. That bond if allowed to flourish will ensure they are both here for a very, very long time.

The #htowntakeover is real. Its growing exponentially. It will surpass “the u” when history looks back. Oh, and without the nefarious underbelly.

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Welcome back.


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