I'm starting to get nervous again

Are we really as good as we think we are

I know i might be overreacting but uh…

Tulane superbowl game…

Is our 1st half defense really that bad?

Tulane is shutting out USF
UTEP is shutting out Rice
Cincy shutting out Navy

Classic trap game after a big loss.

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USF really was the worst 7-0 team


Start drinking! It helps.


USF was never worth a #$#. Neither was Navy.

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I get nervous before every game lol

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Are teams having a Navy hangover after playing us?

Tulane upset pretty much locks in UCF will win the east.


You can add Arizona beating Oregon and Colorado if you’d like…


USF is missing a starting S, 2 starting LBs, a starting WR and a starting TE after playing us last week.


damn we banged em up lmao

One way to look at it is we don’t have the same expectations and disappointments that fans at FSU and Miami have this year. Not to say Washington, Oregon, Southern Cal. Those fan bases at legacy programs, which are huge, must be going totally crazy.

Winning the AAC championship is within our grasp, and is a real accomplishment. We are lots better than last year, and if we avoid a pair of Coog Its, we get to play UCF. The unhappiness at those programs is constant as they expect lots of 5* recruits. On the other hand, we are really happy when our underrated players become really good.

Don’t be nervous.


It goes away after the first hit, at least for the players. So have someone give you a good punch in the arm!!!

We’re ok but not that good. A decent amount of folks knew that before today though. So did the computer models.

We look like Coogfan Inappropriate response.


But those that said so were considered “bad Coogs”.
We have a good team but not a great team and that’s OK.

Coach No D worries me a lot, win or lose!!

Coach D is the equivalent of Ken Giles.

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