Imagine, if you will….
the Tulane football team wearing UH uniforms.

Imagine, if you will…
the talent of Tulane football, that was recruited by Willie Fritz and staff, was representing UH.

Imagine, if you will…if 4 years ago a different head coach was hired.

Imagine, if you will…
how much better a destination is Houston than New Orleans.

Imagine, if you will….
A football staff with an eye for player talent with the skill set to coach them up.

Imagine, if you will….
A successful, experienced head coach wanting an opportunity to coach a P-5 team.

Imagine, if you will…
this head coach leading the Coogs into the Big 12.



I agree

We should be going after Saban

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Tulane was 2-10 last season.


Fritz has been on my “could do well @ UH” list several times.


Imagine all the people:musical_keyboard:


And this board would have fired him halfway through. Injuries are excuses, etc.


Imagine if we had a billionaire who hired by quality instead of his drinking buddy, becasue coaches leaving to better jobs hurt his ego.

Gosh I h8 Beetlejuice as UH coach. Just have to be patience until his contract buyout is lower.


Tillman is at fault (especially after UH was accepted to the Big 12 and still signed off on Pezman giving Holgy a very high buyout clause on a new extension) but the fanbase was just as much frustrated with the UH football job being a stepping stone and when Herman left that was the final blow to our fans.

In 2019 I think our administration did an error by being afraid to hire the best candidate due to that coach prolly leaving after a year or two to a “P5 job”.

imagine if we could get Jeff Traylor from UTSA……


Traylor would be a HOMERUN here in Houston.

Oh to dream!..


Did you copy and paste “ Imagine, if you will….” several times or did you actually typed it every single time?

He would have been canned after the 2-10 season, we don’t do that kind of season anymore, 12-2 with a Bowl win over SEC is more how we roll now.

Not if the buy out is $20 mil.

Traylor wouldn’t leave UTSA for UH in my opinion

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What makes you think that? UH Is a much better job.

Typed every line.

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Think he may be waiting for another opportunity is all

I think he had feelers from Tech before this season and told them he wasn’t interested.

I remember when Lane Kiffin was interested in the UH job but it was decided to hire Applewhite instead.
UH changed their strategy once Herman left and stopped hiring the best next man up and instead have been trying to hire someone who would stay here long term. Holgorsen was hired before UH was invited to the Big 12 so now a coach can finally stop using UH as a stepping stone. Now it’s time to find a long term solution and Holgorsen ain’t the guy