Impact of CDH recruits on 2020 Season

Which ones might have the biggest impacts?

Start with the redshirt transfers who sat out 2019.

Anyone have actual data such as High School rankings and stats at previous Colleges?

Kyle Porter is one. We know he is terrific because we saw him in 2019. A Houston guy good enough to be recruited by UT.

Correction.Porter did not sit out 2019. But is a major transfer.

A quick look through the roster and last year’s signing class shows the following new JUCO and D-1 transfers. Lots of new faces that have played in college before.

Hasaan Hypolyte (S) - transfer from Colorado (sat out last year)
Colin Samuel (CB) - grad transfer from UCLA (medshirt last year)
Malik Robinson (LB) - JUCO
Jovanni Stewart (S) - grad transfer from WVU
Jayce Rodgers (CB) - JUCO
Thabo Mwaniki (S) - transfer from OSU
Marcus Jones (CB) - transfer from Troy
Kelvin Clemmons (CB) - Minnesota transfer
Nathaniel Dell (WR) - JUCO
Sedrick Williams (DT) - JUCO
D’Anthony Jones (LB) - JUCO
Ruben Unije (OL) - JUCO
Bubba Baxa (K) - player to be named later in Deriq King trade with Miami


Of those 13, 10 are on the defense, 2 on the offense, and 1 special team kicker. The one I am really looking forward to seeing play is Marcus Jones whom I believe will be the class of the group. All Sun-Belt and 3rd string All-American, he has some really good credentials earned on the field.

From his UH writeup, “picked off a fourth-quarter pass and recorded a career-high eight tackles in Troy’s win at No. 22 LSU, which snapped the Tigers’ 49-game non-conference home winning streak” and, " broke up nine passes with a season-high three in the opener against Boise State."


His AA accolades were for his return game which is amazing. His transfer is the most intriguing because he basically is moving up the pecking order.

So far the transfers moving from P5 have not been nearly as shiny as they were thought to be or advertised. Our 2 highest rated are not on the team (Bama kid and TCU wr) and the. The safeties like Moore and his off field issues along have not shined at all. I was super excited when they all started coming here but the jury is out.

I think the WVU kid will shine as well.

I definitely can’t wait to see Marcus Jones returning kicks!

You don’t get an ALL-AMERICAN transfer everyday!


Usually they leave the P5 because of lack of PT. Usually that was because they were behind better players or players the coaches thought were better. Sometimes they do well (Joe Burrow), sometimes not. They may or may not be as good as players already here, but we have had a bunch of transfers that just filled a scholly slot that could have been better used on a 2 star out of high school that could be coached up.

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Moore like a lot of defensive guys who were already here, also turned it on late last season. The team that started the season off was in bits and pieces; the team that ended the season looked like group of guys who were starting to get it.

With Stuard moving to LB, I’m going go with Thabo at NB and Hypolite at Safety making huge impacts. Caesar and Dansby as well.

As far as true freshmen, I’m predicting Darius Edmunds to have a big impact. He’s really athletic.

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I love the pieces we have on defense.


After all the redshirting last season we really didn’t lose many seniors. Josh Jones, Pat Carr, and the puntah were all we really lost. We lost very little that was actually playing for us last year. Now we get to add all those redshirts and transfers. We should be much better than last year and I loved how we played everyone tough despite being outmanned. The team didn’t quit so that was encouraging. NOW we MUST see great improvement or we can start to worry some.

And we will still add a couple pieces with our remaining ships. I see we are looking at a few grad transfers and other transfers with multiple years. Remember it is very possible all transfers will get immediate eligibility this year due to COVID19

Will we still have a small Senior Class in 2020?


That guy is also a good receiver and end around back!

He’s a true “ATH.”

Can’t wait to see ALL aspects of his game!

This string should really be discussing which recruit OTHER THAN Marcus Jones we think we will have the most impact!

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I thought coach said we’ll have 26 seniors this year.

just checked–26 seniors

we’re very healthy at this point

we have five scholarships open, which coach expects to fill with a combination of graduate/undergraduate transfers by fall

Lots of Seniors should help!

Mulbah Carr = Robert Newhouse ?

Car is good but no Gator.

With all of the transfer DBs we have coming in (Jones included), we could conceivably have a completely rebuilt secondary next season.

We’ll see!

Which will help out the defensive pressure up front. But they are transfers for a reason. Hopefully none o f them get kicked off the team or try to fight the qb for quitting…We have had enough of that.

And whatever Moore did last season…let’s not od that either.