Impact of COVID-19 on American Athletic Conference

Read this earlier today. Any word coming out of UH AD concerning potential cuts to athletics? Cincinnati just announced today the elimination of men’s soccer.

The American Athletic Conference, Mountain West, Mid-American Conference, Sun Belt, and Conference USA petitioned the NCAA to ease the requirements to participate in Division I sports amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Conferences asked the NCAA to reduce the total number of sports a school must have to remain in Division I as well as for temporary relief from requirements regarding financial aid, average football attendance and scheduling.

I guess G5 teams are one paycheck away from the poor house or FCS level.

Conference should add Women’s Ultimate as scholarship sport!

It super for Title IX…super low budget and non-contact (as much as basketball is non-contact).


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Okay, if you’re going to go there, how about beach volleyball which also is a Summer Olympic event? It would be great for the AAC since most schools are in the south where warmer weather is.

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I wonder if the resulting impact of COVID 19 to Tillman Fertitta’s businesses will affect UH athletics in the near term.

I always like watching beach volleyball in the Olympics. Ulitmate would also be fun. I know Rice had a good men’s team many years back, not sure who still plays now.

“Unfortunately, as you know, we had long-standing budgetary challenges before, which have been exacerbated. We now need to stand together and support TU, just as we have stood together and prioritized the protection of our community’s well-being and health.”

In January, the TU Board of Trustees acknowledged that the school has operated in the red each of the past seven years and recently received a significant downgrade in its credit rating. They established a goal to close a $14 million to $20 million budget gap over the next three years."

So let me get this straight because I am a little slow.

The students paid tuition for the term. I assume they are not getting a refund.
I would imagine most students plan to continue their education in future terms.

You need to layoff 84% of the staff. Shame on them.

Might want to read the article.

It does include a refund for unused housing and meal plans. Students paid for the spring semester which is being completed online by most all universities around the country.

Most universities are experiencing a notable drop in enrollment for upcoming classes and summer activities, hence the students have not paid for them. There is almost no one on most campus, so it sounds reasonable to reduce staff on campus.

Suspend Title 9 and eliminate intramural…er, I mean…women’s sports. Lol


Tulsa should have dropped to a lower level conference years ago. They are the smallest school at our level in the country. Even fewer students than Rice.


I really like their uniforms!

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The severity of the ramifications varies depending on a school’s revenue sources, and a hearty chunk of USF’s arrives from student fees.

A USA Today study of athletic department budgets at public universities indicated nearly $24 million (53 percent) of USF’s athletic department revenues for the 2017-18 fiscal year came from “allocated” funds. Student fees represented a large portion of that ($17.2 million).

Similarly, more than $28 million (45.6 percent) of UCF’s revenue came from allocated money, including $23.1 million in student fees. By contrast, Florida’s revenue included only 1.45 percent of allocations.

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So where would they place the UH logo?