Important Dates To Remember

Dec 7 -

Jun 6 -(History | D-Day | June 6, 1944 | The United States Army)

May 8 -

Aug 14 -

Aug 14 is the most important to me. My dad was on a transport heading to the Pacific for the invasion of Japan. Estimated there would be 1 million casualties. So, had the invasion gone through, myself and a lot of others would not be here on Earth.

If you remember the fear of 9/11, multiply that by 1000 times for Dec 7th


My Dad also was in San Francisco, getting his Navy ship ready to sail to Japan.

My Mother rode a train chock-full of War Brides who went to tell their Husbands goodbye.

Mother told me that not a single Wife thought that would ever again see their Husbands. The visit was a forever goodbye.

On the night of August 14th. they participated in the well documented partying in San Francisco.

No telling how many millions of Baby Boomers would never have been born had the Invasion of Japan occurred.

My dad was in Europe. When combat ended they loaded them up for Japan. First day at sea, V-J happened so they right turned to NYC.

Weird family coincidence: My dad went in on 11/30/1942. I went in 11/30/1972.


Thanks for you and your dad’s service.

Jan 6.