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Root canals do not cause heart attacks. I came across this today and thought it was funny. You can’t believe everything you hear/see/read even if its in a “documentary”.

No Evidence To Support Claim That Root Canals Cause Heart Attacks

The AP Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (4/18, Marcelo) examined a claim made in a video posted on Facebook that “the No. 1 cause of heart attacks is a tooth treated for a root canal.” The AP said, “There’s no credible scientific evidence that having a root canal can cause a heart attack, according to endodontists,” and “cardiologists confirm this as well.” The AP featured information from Association of Endodontists (AAE) President Stefan I. Zweig, DDS, who said, “There is no credible evidence that having root canal therapy can cause a heart attack.” Root canal treatments “are safe while allowing the patient to keep their tooth, Zweig said.” The article reported that the “video references a 2019 documentary called ‘Root Cause,’ which argues root canals are linked to several medical issues.” The AAE, American Dental Association, and the American Association for Dental Research “publicly criticized” the documentary and “wrote to Netflix that its central claim had been ‘disproven by decades’ worth of peer-reviewed, scientific evidence.”

You absolutely win the award for the most unique thread in the history of Coogfans.

There will never be a thread on root canals again.

It actually is interesting. I have been putting one off.


Post on Facebook contains erroneous information…news at 11…and 11:01 and 11:02 and 11:03 and 11:04…

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I get these snippets of info sent to me from the AGD (academy of general dentistry). So this probably made the news some where.

I have more crowns than Queen Elizabeth, my cardiologist likes my heart.

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I believe the heart attacks occur after the patient receives their bill.


Getting Facebook to correct anything is like pulling teeth.


And on the day I learn that I need a root canal…

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Why do people waist thier time with a root canal when you can get an implant?

Get an implant, much better

Nah… Not removing any teeth until I have to…

Recently, I had four root canals performed by the endodontist. It was to remove tooth decay that can become a problem later on. One such decay affected my hearing in my left ear. Once the root canal was successfully completed, my hearing gradually returned to normal.

Unattended tooth decay can lead to more serious health issues. The technique to perform root canals has advanced over the years and they were fairly simple procedures involving not much time.

Implants have their own problems. Two of my implants had to be removed because decay eroded the bone structure needed to hold the new implant anchor. Rebuilding the bone by the periodontist can take months to complete and you have to wear a dental appliance until the new implant is completed.

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This is why I regret letting a young dentist pull one of my molars instead of getting a root canal last year…

I now have an older dentist who tries to save them instead of pulling and implanting…

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The dentists i know look at pulling teeth as a last resort.


That’s what every other dentist I’ve talked to has told me since I made that mistake…

Implants carry a risk as well.

The most common reason why dental implants fail is because of an infection in the jawbone around dental implants, called peri-implantitis . Although implants cannot develop tooth decay, they are still susceptible to the implant form of gum disease.

Though staying on topic, medical bills are a known cause of heart attacks.


You explained it better than I did. Thanks.

You can get an implant in Mexico for $1,000

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Probably worth every peso

Face Lifts for $3500