In Order to go 5-4 in Big 12 Road Games

We have almost a week in between those games we will be rested and have had a lot of days to game plan for Kansas


That’s not my point. Those two teams have more five stars than the rest of the league does. Both are tough at home and I will guarantee you the refs will tend to be partial…very partial lol.
That said, i have said all along we can win both of those or lose them both.
I would prefer winning both, but I am not counting on it…

No game ar TT? Hmmm

Something tells me we’ll see them again later anyway though.

We play Kansas twice but TT only plays them once not real fair lol


The scheduling this year is absolute BS

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The scheduling for 2024-25 needs to improve vs this season.


UT… check



Will the trip to Norman be Coach Sampson’s first trip to OU since he left there?

Meh. They had to come to Houston without a return trip. Is what it is.

Yes. We’ve made the trip to Stillwater but not to Norman.

Only KU looks like a possible road loss now. Possible.

The remainder will be wins.

All road games in this league are losable. Even @UCF. Just ask Kansas. Just got to take it a game at a time.


3-2 in the rest of our road games is doable imo but I doubt we sweep the non-KU ones

“Who are the 5 that we could beat?” Dude, UH just beat 8 guys @ the cow school. ALL OF THEM!

Wish we had a home game against TCU. Can’t wait for revenge game against ISU.





Are you complaining about 2 games against Texas, Kansas and Iowa State? They bring prestige and real resume enhancing potential. I hate that we miss out on TC-Who and Shrek at Fertit’ but I liked the schedule given we have a top 15 (at worst) team that needed the buzz and ability to win big games.

Now it’s just 2 of 3 we need: UCF, Baylor, and OU. I could see this team getting two of those. I could also see them not doing it. Every game away in the B12 has been a dogfight. What I like tho is that we seem to be winning more of the fights. 0-2 away to starts, 3-1 since. So that gives me some hope that we can end up over .500 on the road, which would be a huge accomplishment in our first season in the league.

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