In other news, Bannon gets four months in the pokey


Lock him up!
Lock him up!!

If our justice system can’t hold people accountable then it has failed the people…well, he gets a new set to broadcast his show from the next few months behind bars.


He’ll be allowed to file an appeal. This is the way the system works. Good.

He should have been sent straight to prison. Trump judge gave him less than the light sentence recommended by DOJ, and his appeals could go on indefinitely.

I’m wishing him the best. Who knows? Maybe he’ll find a boyfriend.

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Could have got up to 2 years in prison and $200,000. He got off lite considering
the context of what almost happened to the country.

The crimes carried a minimum sentence of 30 days in prison and a maximum sentence of a year—along with a $100,000 fine for each charge—making it possible Nichols could have sentenced Bannon to up to two years in prison.

The Justice Department had asked Nichols to sentence Bannon to six months in prison—the maximum sentence recommended under the specific sentencing guidelines for Bannon’s offenses—and a $200,000 fine, while Bannon asked the judge to sentence him to only probation.

So on appeal, what could happen ? It all gets thrown out, sentence reduced even more or is it possible appeals court could hit him with full federal sentencing guidelines ?

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He was loudly and publicly uncooperative. He made no effort to provide documents or to arrange even an appearance online. I’m guessing he’s hosed, but he might run out the clock on the committee. If he can keep it on appeal until January, the committee will be disbanded in the new Congress.

It’s out of the committee’s hands now that he’s been convicted and sentenced, right?

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IDK. And nothing turned up online addressing that. Maybe the charge would still stand.

He refused to be “interviewed” by this travesty of a so called unbiased panel.
Is shitfyschieff on that panel? Can somebody verify this?
Many politicians refused before he did.
The trial was in d.c. How much % ppints did the dems get in 2016 or 2020? High 80’s or 90’s maybe. Who is counting?

At the same time murderers are set free.This is especially true in dems run county.

bannon will love this. It will catapult him as a poster “child” for the dems two tier justice system.

Does Congress have the right to issue a subpoena? Yes.
Do they have the right to compel an appearance? Yes.
Did a GOP Congress require testimony on Benghazi? Yes.

When the next Congress has their investigative committee of the week requesting compliance or get a subpoena, will you then think it okay?

Seriously, you aren’t really coherent and don’t seem to understand how this works, no matter the party in charge. Take a few deep breaths, or tokes if that’s your thing, and think things through.


Care to take a hike? Think this through?
bannon purposely refuse. Do you know why? Think about. Can you do that?

Done here. Can you imagine trying to be consistently engaged in a rational coversation witb a MAGAt, Low IQANON type? Welcome to Coogfans, where righties meeting reality is sidestepped repeatedly in favor of the next fantasy, trivial subject or irrational thought process.

You’re starting to understanding what I’ve been saying.

When people are locked down at Cenikor, I didn’t know they got internet access.

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