In the Running for the AAC Championship

“…offense is electric, and the entire team’s playing with an energy we haven’t seen before.”

“Houston didn’t exactly dominate either Navy or Tulane for their two conference wins, and we’ll get a good look at the Coogs this weekend when they face an elite UCF passing attack.”

Side note: one of the few sites that consistently gets “Coogs” correct.


Thanks Cary !!! You’ve been busy this morning, and we all appreciate the info !!!


I may or may not be out of the country with the military. I may or may not be on a completely different time schedule. :wink:


After a horrible start in both we did dominate Tulane and Navy for the majority of the game.
We may have set a record to have had a negative 5 in turnovers in quarter three and still lead by 18.

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it’s a fair analysis, beat ucf this week however and we will be the number 2 under cinci…it’s very likely that the champ game will be a rematch of the two top teams based on the schedules.


Thanks for sharing!

This week is a big test. Will definitely know much more about where we stand.


Would love to see Navy smack the Ponies Saturday night


I like our chances because of the defensive front 7 along with a passing game that is rounding into form. If we beat UCF Saturday then our stock goes way up.


Tulsa is a team i think many are forgetting…their defense so far looks legit.

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Red says they are the best in conference. I still think Cincy looks the part

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I think the coogs may have the best defense in the conference but until we play ucf and cinci we won’t know for sure.


WTH? Cinci has one of the best defenses in the country. They shut down SMU. If we were so strong in our D, we wouldn’t be concerned about “keeping up” with UCF’s offense.

OK. Cincy has played one game more then us, had Austin Peah to warm up (we did not have Rice). They beat Austin, USF, and Army. How good is SMU? Don’t know. Bottom line, at this point, each week will begin whittiling down those in the running. At this point, two losses probably means you are on the bubble, three or more and you are out.
Out of 11 teams, two are for sure out:

Tulane and USF

After tomorrow, ECU is probable out leaving 8. The following week will be the telling one with Temple falling out leaving 7 or less. At that point, even with two losses, it will bergin to look bleak.

No, I said they will be our toughest game. They are 2nd best – the Coogs are the best!


Cinci has only played one team worth a sh t. and all that did was make me think smu wasn’t all that good.
We will see it on the field tomorrow…and that should tell us where we ally stand. Defense performed vs BYU but the offense and special teams destructed in the 4th and gave short fields to byu. Not a fair judge of the defense…I want to see how they do vs UCF

Army is very good.

please they beat powers like abilene christian, mercer and a 14 to 9 win over citadel…they are very good for a d1 fcs school

This isn’t the Army team that blasted us in the bowl game.

BTW, Tulsa isn’t looking that good tonight.