Incredible Texas Support for College Football

Yesterday we had games in Lubbock, Waco, Dallas, and Collie Station.

Total attendance was about 300,000. Collie Station had their second largest crowd ever.

Was wonderful to see. College Football is back. Great for everyone regardless of which University they support.


Imagine all the tax dollars and local impact the games made. I started watching the TCU/ Tech game and it hit me how wonderful it will be to be playing in the Big 12 in 2023.


If Rice, TSU and HBU could do better, imagine how football crazy Houston could be.

How about if UH could do better?

We have a long way to go.


Our Coogs will draw same number of fans as does Baylor.

And that is all we can do. That would be our Stadium capacity.

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imagine if the chronicle would write something about local universities in their sports section!!


We should be collecting donations for phase 2 of tdecu asap. We can not sit in this new league with the smallest venue. Also hoping for more ramps and less stairs. :slight_smile:

No need to expand the stadium anytime soon.

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We need to sell the seats we have before we think about doing that.

Attendance is way down this year. Several schools have reduced capacity while making stadium improvements. That’s the trend.

Washington State, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Florida State, USC, Cal, Arizona State, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Illinois, Purdue, Kentucky, UCF, Memphis, Maryland, and Syracuse have all reduced capacity to add amenities.

I’d prefer that model.

TSU has drawn large crowds just not on a consistent basis. That goes back to the 70s.

HBU will never draw large crowds and Rice will be Rice.

Imagine if people still read newspapers

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Even Tulane’s stadium has canopies.

How did we miss that …in the summer…in Houston?

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I’m no architect but I did notice that at Yulman, the concourse to the 2nd level is at the top of the bleachers, then you walk down the bleachers to your seats. The canopy is actually the ‘roof’ of the concourse and extends over part of the bleachers.

For our stadium, the concourse is below the bleachers and you walk up, so there isn’t a lot to anchor a canopy over those top bleachers. If you you did, I’m not sure it can happen without introducing obstructed viewing to the top of the bleachers.

Even Baylor has the toilet bowl seat that looks pretty good.

It costs money.

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