Injuries across college basketball

Just saw this. Former Illinois guard, transfers to LSU. Done for the year with an ACL injury.

Achilles, and ACL injuries, (2) things you hope your team avoids in a season.

Thankfully we have a great Strength Coach Alan Bishop

Gonna go knock on some wood as we speak


Don’t we have an injured player already in Roberts? I thought I read in a different thread that one of his feet is in a cast? I hope I’m wrong, though.

He posted an Instagram picture a few weeks ago in a walking boot, but no information on the severity of the injury.

Wearing a boot is no indication of how severe an injury is. Quite possibly he turned an ankle in practice. The boot keeps it stable allowing it to heal more quickly.

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Langston Love was the #40 prospect in 2021 class.

Roberts is fine and about to return to practice if he has not already

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I’m feeling some bad juju coming from this thread.

Why even bring this up? This is something you talk about after the season!

Yeah, I might stop highlighting injuries.

Injuries happen in sports. Most of the time randomly.

Wasn’t supposed to be a jinx on our team.

Mainly how it’s impacting other teams.

That’s garbage. CKS spoke to the media and indicated that without the injury report on Coogfans, player X wouldn’t have sustained the injury.

Please keep those reports coming. As an “investor” in college basketball it helps.


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Is Mark good to go yet?

Wow! Shoulders all around. Yikes!!!

And not that anyone cares, but I’m having shoulder issues myself. It’s a pretty delicate thing. I’ve always stayed in shape and worked out, but the shoulder thing just lingers and sleeping can set you back without even knowing it until you wake up. Not that anyone cares, but we all care re, you know …


Mine still hurts and lacks some ROM but that was from falling off the top of a ladder and landing on the right arm. Amazingly can still swim free style and throw/shoot a ball.

One time when i was doing incline press with dumbbells i felt the weight push my bone out of the socket and ever since I’ve had issues if i don’t move it alot. It’s crazy how injuries linger.

Don’t get me started on my ankles. Twisted those more times than I have fingers and toes.

Kaka a famous Brazilian soccer player had to warm up an hour before the team just because of his injury or arthritis or both. I forgot if it was knee or back related but i mean once you got problems you got problems.

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