Injuries: Coincidence or Troubling Pattern?

I know CTH sings the praises of Yancy McKnight every chance he gets, but it sure seems like our team suffers a lot of injuries. I can’t say I keep close tabs on other teams and the injuries they suffer, but I thought a byproduct of good strength training and conditioning was fewer injuries. Just seems like we have had way too many the last year and a half, especially on the offensive line. Anyone else have thoughts on this? Do all other teams have this many injuries and I just don’t know about it?

They all have them.

Not really. I think we have fewer than most.

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they’re training for chaos, there will be injuries

That’s all fine and good until we have to play some good teams without some key pieces.

They all get them. I think what is different is that we play on a level with all of the big boys. When the big boys get similar injuries, it does not stand out as much, because they have depth that we do not. If and when we get into a P5, that will change.


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