Inside look at official visit

Explains why coach recruits so well. Not talking stars but rather guys that fit with the program. You have to really put the effort in to get to know people to have that type of personal touch.

Up to 32K views. Did he post his L’Ville or other visits?

He posted Louisville also. Felt it a bit underwhelming, but most universities don’t have supporters with luxury hotels.

Which is probably a tax write-off. A win-win situation.

Was good to see an “NIL meeting” mentioned. Looks like we’re embracing it with open arms.


We will absolutely have to in order to compete with other programs for these 4 and 5 star guys. As long as it doesn’t become a distraction to the team, I’m good with it.

Does make me wonder how the team atmosphere CKS has created here will react to vlogging, Tik Tok and the like. Especially from underclassmen.

Would love to see our athletics department hire a staff person (or more) to help market these kids. Having them be successful while on campus (in their respective sport, classes and other endeavors) is a huge recruiting tool…and a great advertisement for the university as a whole. I think we should grab this by the, ahem, horns and use it as a tool.

Vlogging and Tik Tok is just extended and curated clips that in raw form would be posted to Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. Our guys are already doing that. Just takes some time and editing prowess to do the vlog and tiktoks. If he can find the time then more power to him. There’s a plethora of other athletes at other schools doing/have done this. Dane Roy did it here to a certain extent with his limited series trying out other sports. It won’t be disruptive at all imo.


I’m pretty sure they always send all of the basketball players there. Also, is it really only for upperclassmen?

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