Inside Rafah (with video)

Fair criticism.

Hey I don’t have the answers, and for the sake of US interests, I don’t think Palestine should have their own military or full independent economic control. I think it’s a huge risk for Israel with potentially irreversible repercussions.

As we all know, this topic is very polarizing. I don’t know what the ultimate answers are, but I do know the only way to find common ground and a solution is for all parties to be able to listen to one another. Although we might disagree with a specific view, as long as we know that the motivation in the other persons heart is to find peace, than we have to at least respect where each other are coming from.

With that said, I’ve said some things on here that I’m not proud of, and it’s not reflective of who I am. JohnnyCougar please accept my apology and 3rdWard I apologize as well (and anyone else that I was too aggressive with). Attacking someone sure isn’t the answer and all it does is throw more gasoline on the fire and by doing so we’re certainly not going to listen to one another.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


All good!



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Your comment wasn’t just about him, was it? Broad brush was used, sir.

I think I am one of the few people on this board that has cried out for freedom for all Arabs.

Explain to me why are the protesters limiting themselves to freedom for Palestinians Arabs

What about freedom for the Syrians, Jordanian, Saudis, Lebanese, do I need to list a dozen more.

I can’t believe only the Palestinians seek Freedom.

It’s never been about the Palestinians if they are such people, It is always been about the Jews.

So they came to America with their planes and with their bombs and when that didn’t work, They came for our young people through our universities.

They infiltrated our faculty, our administrations, And then our students.

They know how to seek out most vulnerable students. The students in this disenfranchised communities. The students who society looks down on. The students who are not well kempt.

The whole thing is rather sad. You call it Academic freedom, Your real purpose is to get rid of the Jews, all of us once and for all.

The Egyptians, the Romans, the Persians, the Syrian Greeks, the Spanish, the Ottomans, the Russians, the Germans and many more. You all tried and we are still here.


Yes, many (if not a majority) of Arab nations have oppressive regimes. They all need freedom, freedom to live as they please, freedom from religious police, freedom for the Christian and Jewish arabs to live in the countries they were expelled from.


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4 hostages rescued!!!


Always nice to get good news from that part of the worl

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Awesome news!

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I’m shocked I tell ya…shocked



This is Hamas.

They actually see having their civilians killed as a strategy.

Yep it might be the first armed conflict I’ve ever seen where any sort of actual victory is not even on the table the victory is in the civilian population suffering for propaganda.