Interesting Game Stats

WSU gained 489 yards. More than 200 less than what OU gained.

Their running game averaged 2.6 yards per carry.

Our running game averaged 6.1 yards per carry.

Our Total Offense came to 367 yards. Less than what we obtained against OU.

The Passing Game clearly is a weak spot. In essence King is not the QB to run a Dana Offense.Most of his big plays occur when he runs. Dana does not want his QB to run.

Time of possession was 28 to 32 in favor of WSU.

My current suspicion is that we need to create an even more dominant running game, as Yeoman once did. Then, like Elmo Wright etc., our Receivers will be all alone behind the secondary, giving King great passing chances.


Correction, CDH doesn’t want his QB to be primarily a run QB. He would like him to be able to finish the season. But he does have some QB run plays in the arsenal.


Like I’ve said, we need to increase tempo, let king run, and go more vertical in the passing game to make the offense better with king’s skill set. Stats are there.

King ran the ball quite a bit last night and at least a few of were pretty clearly designed runs.


What King needs is to have his receivers not drop his passes.


Also the WRs need to get some separation on routes. We thought the WR core was a strength coming into the season but so far they have been disappointing.


So you want our defense on the field quicker and more often? We need to control the clock, keep the O on the field and the D off of it. When our talent on D improves, we can speed up the tempo.


I agree. Yeoman’s Veer kept our Defense off the field and thus fresh

Yes he did run on a lot of plays last night. Let me add to my post above, CDH wants King to avoid taking hits as musch as possible wehich is why he showed him all the Kyler Murray films. Murray ran a lot but was good at avoiding the major hits. That’s the main point CDH has tried to make with King, but he will still do a lot of running.


We seemed to do that well the first half. Lots of running, slashing and dashing.

It seemed like we had parallel lanes opened for the run. What adjustments did they make at halftime that closed those holes?

WSU crowded line with 7 in the box


With the exception of Stevenson, who do we have who can catch like Elmo? King has missed open guys for sure but the drop problem from last year continues.


WSU was daring us to throw in the second half by loading the box. We did not execute well enough at times to overcome the penalties. The penalties on our first drive got to be a joke and I told a friend that Vegas must want the under. Similar to the coaches, I am not sure we know what we have at this point, but we keep getting better.

On the positive side, I liked our crowd and the band. I liked the fight in the team. We lost by 7 points and played well enough to win.


The WSU linemen kept shifting just before we snapped the ball. I wondered what might happen if we snapped the ball occasionally WHILE they were shifting. I sure would have liked to see that tried!


Control the clock like we did with the air raid in the Case Keenum day’s (of which CDH was here for a portion).You know, the offense where we scored as quickly as possible and as often as possible and hoped our defense just made one stop? That clock eating offense?

We averaged about 27 minutes per game TOP in Case’s career. Not exactly controlling the clock

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King also needs to hit his open receivers, something he’s done his entire career until this year. An example was #81 Bradly being badly overthrown while running free in WS territory, and no pressure on King. We settled for a FG instead of extending the drive. It could be CDH’s system, not letting King be King and making him think too much. Coaches need to adapt to their talent. I’m not sure that is happening.

If the wide receivers caught all the catchable passes, King would have much better stats and our record would be better. Washington St and OK have receivers that make the hard catch and don’t drop any easy catches.

I’d like to see more passes to the TE.

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We simply must run more.

Our 2 RB’s are really good. The OL is good enough.

King has lost something from last year. Do not know what or how but he obviously is not at a 2018 level.

So run.

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A game stat I find interesting . . . . . How many 3rd downs did WSU have, and how many did they convert ? ? ? ? ?