Interesting read about conference realignment

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Thank you for sharing. At times, it seems like they are saying boo hoo for these schools that moved to another conference but are not succeeding. Too bad they don’t share what it’s like being on the outside from that $10-$20 million a year pay day.

Not only that but toward the end of the UCF vs FAU game last night commentators briefly discussed if UCF is undefeated again, should they be in the playoff. One guy said how could you leave them out. The other guy said something like ‘I’m not saying they shouldn’t be in the playoff, just that with the way things are now, there is a glass ceiling and there is no way it will ever happen.’

It was an ESPN broadcast, so I’ll be surprised if they don’t get reprimanded for saying this. Their next assignment may be some worthless game on ESPN+.

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No way there is any fallout from that comment. What the “haves” wanted has happened and us “have nots” will have to live with the knowledge that it’s unfair while missing out on the million dollar paydays.

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TV money has ruined a lot of what college football was.



It is not only the money - and that is HUGE; they are now interfering with the momentum of the games. They sometimes stop a game for TV commercials - right in the middle of a major drive! The TV companies need to be taken down a couple of notches.


Why would they? That schedule torpedos any chance they’d have.

Rutgers and Maryland are not doing well. But Utah and TCU have done very well.

There is no doubt UH would very quickly surpass most of the Big XII if we were ever invited. It is 100% the reason we are not in. Only OU and UT would out-recruit UH in the conference.

And we would be able to play for a NC.

And we would be able to afford to hold our coaches.

And if we had a bad coach we could pay to get rid of him.

With the growth of the UH fan base and the number of rivalry games UH would rapidly grow in popularity.


I’m thinking our only viable options are the PAC or the ACC.

That is exactly what Renu Khator said, PAC or ACC, words came right out of her mouth

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Not related, but somewhat mind-boggling to me: refs stop a play because Texas Tech wasn’t ready yet??!..huh?..if they are not ready they should blow a timeout…but don’t stop the Coogs momentum because Tech can’t keep up…

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