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I was having a conversation with a gentleman the other day. This person has ties to UH and serves on various boards. We started to talk about the Big12 and he stated that Texas would no how have UH in the conference. He doesn’t know why and it really doesn’t matter. They just have no interest in UH being in the same conference. So anyone that thinks other wise I think they are just living in a dream world. Now onto something he said that really caught me off guard. He said he was speaking to some of the leadership at UH and wondered why they keep referring to the BIG in terms of conferences changes for our beloved Coogs. Not just once has this been mentioned but it has been a narrative for a year or more on Cullen Blvd. That was exciting to hear but how can we overcome the AAU hurdle I asked… He said he doesn’t know but just that is what he keeps hearing. I know that this has been mentioned in the past but find it interesting that leadership at UH has been saying this and I wonder why? Have they been meeting with Big officials? Is there mutual interest or is it just looking elsewhere because the Big12 door has been closed. Either way I do hope we land in a P5. It is vital to our future.

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B1G has been playing chess while other conferences have been playing checkers.

Example: Their new mega-contract is up in about 6 years, right before everyone else’s. So they get to see how cable-cutting, etc. plays out and then renegotiate before the other conferences.

They like top tier state schools. For example, there’s been a lot of talk that they’d take UNC & UVA. And we have begun to fit that billing.

Now, who’s our partner if we could join?

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The only issue with going to the B1G is that we’d likely end up in the west division with MN, IL, Purdue, Norhtwestern and others. Having said that, we’d accept an invite from the B1G in a nanosecond.

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Uhhh … sorry but I believe we have heard

only it had different lyrics … :relaxed:

aldineblue was forever (many years) speaking about the Pac12 from 'leadership at UH"

EEU stated someone VERY IMPORTANT (??leadership at UH??) told him under the threat of death if he was identified that the leadership at the SEC has us on their radar.

And of course the Bong man does his Lil Orphan Annie routine with the ACC being just around the corner/very soon/tomorrow going on for at least seven years now.

leadership at UH can only be either the prez or BofRs … and since there are nine of them … then that is two down and seven to go with their own story … to tell …

That would only work in our favor. With all our Texas talent and then having those school to play against we would be in the championship game almost every year.

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But wait. I thought it was the other schools that didn’t want another Texas team.

Instead, UT is scared of us and is also too chicken shat to admit it.

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And the academic perks with Big 10 membership are way, way better than anything athletics offers. All the research money, all the collaboration, and just imagine applications spiking ten or twenty times to get into a Big Ten school like UH.

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I would absolutely love to get into the B1G and have UT stiffed by them. Talk about wailing and gnashing of teeth in Austin – you’d be able to hear it on the moon. But, to be honest; I will have to see it to believe it.

Puff poly pipe

Can you imagine:
BIG XII - hey Houston we’d like to invite you got the big XII

UH- no thinks, we have BIGer plans…

Poly pipe safely stowed

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You guys are inviting an inquiry from the DEA.

PAWRFUL wrote:

“EEU stated someone VERY IMPORTANT (??leadership at UH??) told him under the threat of death if he was identified that the leadership at the SEC has us on their radar.”

Yes, but not exactly:

  1. " . . . someone VERY IMPORTANT"? “(??leadership at UH??)”? YES - to both!

  2. " . . . that the leadership at the SEC has us on their radar." NO - I said that some people in high places within some schools in the SEC are talking about us as members. THAT IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE! But, of major significance too, possibly.

Yepp that sounds official alright …

actually sounds like two BofRs from two different SEC teams standing in front of the urinals at halftime talking …

"How about UH beating the noles … yeah they looked good I’d consider them as members"

Scratch that one if the two BofRs are from Vandy and UK … Bama and Tennessee is another story.

I am a bit concerned that 3 “leaderships at UH” are coming up with 3 different tales … one Pac12 … one SEC … and now one B1G.

Meanwhile our AD stated his options were open one day and the next stated it was the Big12 or BUST.

One of our BofRs is a student elected to board … I’d be curious what tales from the beyond he has to tell

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Can’t tell if being sarcastic again…

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Pawrful, what I posted was done with the permission - encouragement, even - of my informant, and I posted precisely what was agreed to. I have been friends with that informant for something like 40 years, and have never known him/her to misinform me on anything. And that person has access to some of the highest officials in the administration of the University of Houston.

Oh - and the “threat to my life” was a joke which was said when I asked if he/she knew the names of those officials in the other schools of the SEC who were talking about us as a member of the conference. I was told that, yes, he/she knew the names, but if he/she told me that, he/she would “have to kill me.”

Those are the facts, and I believe every word that I was told. Others may choose to believe or reject them; their choice!

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It really does matter. If he doesn’t know why then he’s just blowing smoke.

I think he was referring to why Texas wont allow UH into the Big12. Bleachergate, Competition who know and who cares. He doesnt blow smoke,. Trust me.

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