Interesting Tweets from Greg Flugaur

The following Tweets come from:

BTM: UC/UCONN/UH/BYU is where B12 expansion is headed. Would satisfy FOX.
Would satisfy UT donors (UT stays in B12 West with OU-TT)

BTM: The candidacies of UC/UCONN were internally linked up months ago. BYU/UH are now doing the same.

BTM: B12 will present questions of concerns…candidates will be told
questions/instructions before meeting. Candidates will bring solutions

BTM: According to OU Contacts Presentations being scheduled between B12
& candidates are turning into Solution driven meetings on concerns

BTM: Conclusionary Data on “in the air” portion shows clear value for the addition of UCONN to the Big 12 Conference.

BTM: B12 conclusionary data collected from 2 outside firms show a clear value for the addition of BYU in “on the ground” data.

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Again … second hand information from his B1G contact who is in contact with someone inside the OU admin.

Apparently there are some concerns with some remaining candidates … my guess … UConn and Memphis …

UConn according to Flugeville is winning out … they were in the death throes … losing season ticket holders and attendance and games … Memphis plays in an antiquated stadium and doesn’t have a campus stadium and lost a good HC recently

Memphis selling point … FedEx
UConn … NYC and surrounding area TV market (Bronx Brooklyn Long Island … Hoboken Newark)

Okay. Let’s flesh out the Big 12 West in this scenario:


Let’s assume OU brings along Oklahoma State. We’re up to five teams. Add Baylor and TCU, we get to seven. Does that mean UH goes east as a price of admission? If that’s the case, UH would likely be favored in the East.

Final Big 12 West projection

  1. BYU
  2. TT
  3. UT
  4. Baylor
  5. TCU
  6. OU
  7. Okla State

I don’t think they would have 4 texas teams in 1 division, while the east only has 1.

Switch Baylor and TCU with KU and KSU.

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That is a pretty good West division. Whoever wins it will be a pretty good football team. The east wouldn’t be as top notch and I am not sure the other Texas teams would want UH to have that much easier of a path to the conference championship game.
I am not sure what other option they have though other than putting Baylor in the east, I just can’t see them putting OSU in another division from OU, even though geographically that would make the most sense.

Fair point. The fact that Baylor and TCU weren’t mentioned in Flugaur’s tweet may indicate something.

Of course that means the East would be:

  1. Baylor
  2. TCU
  3. UH
  4. Iowa State
  5. Cincy
  6. WVU
  7. UConn

Two observations about this potential division. 1) Three of the teams would be expansion teams vs. only one in the West; and 2) This line-up solves WVU’s problem, but it sure leaves Iowa State on an island.

I agreed with 2088. Having Texas schools in our division will help increase season tickets sale and regional rivalries. Without Texas schools, the east division is no better than our current AAC schedule.

I think you want to keep the Midwest schools in the same division if possible to keep them happy.

But you can’t split UT and OU, you can’t have only 1 Texas school, and you can’t put BYU in the east.

It is tricky. Someone is going to be unhappy.

5 texas, 5 Midwest, 3 east, 1 west.

Only way this works is if you seperate UT and OU, then have cross division rivals you have to play every year.

C’mon Chirocoog, there’s about 20+ million way$ that UH being in any Big 12 division is far better than UH being in an AAC division. And of course all schools in the Big 12 would play 2-3 cross-over games/year with teams in the other division. So, we could expect to see all of the other Big 12 Texas schools on a fairly regular basis.

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[quote=“TAMU91, post:6, topic:1685, full:true”]

This is the alignment I’ve seen rumored by a few people. I’m OK with it, but hopefully they play 9 conference games and we have a permanent cross division rival (cough UT cough Thanksgiving cough).

Some outliers in the proposed divisions as these are the closest cities; not much can be done if you add UConn and BYU though.
Provo to Lubbock is 872 miles
Storrs to Morgantown is 542 miles
Ames to Cincinnati is 600 miles

Potential cross division permanent games?
Kansas-Iowa State

Yup, I have stated the same thing multiple times, split up UT and OU and make them cross division rivals. B12 should love it, as it would allow for a Red River Rematch as the CCG.

Who have you heard this from? That would be an interesting read. (Would they really split up OU and OSU)

This how I would do it.

Reasons why:
Keep all state rivalries intact.
Red River rivalry
Houston vs Dallas
Mormons vs Baptists
Battle of basketball powers
Outliers (ISU vs WVU)
Texas public in 1 division, and Texas private in another.
Each school automatically visits Houston or Dallas every other year for exposure in one of best places for HS FB talent.
Keeps 3 eastern schools together.

Coog2088 - That makes a lot of sense to me.

Saw it first with Flugaur, trying to dig where I saw it from actual reporters making guesses:

ISU hates this setup probably. But it’s ISU… who really cares what they want lol

ISU is one of the good guys in the BigXII, whether they want us or not. They have a clean program and a great fanbase. Our head coach coached there, and our SC Coach came from there to UH. Respect.


1 of 3 AAU schools in the Big 12. Would be a huge ally in getting UH there.

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But you can’t split UT and OU,

Yes you can. The ACC and the SEC use a scheduling model that has a permanent cross division rival.
You play that team every year. With a nine game conference schedule, it becomes six games against your division, plus one permanent opponent. The other six schools rotate in two at a time.

If the division setup that Flugaur tweeted is true, then the Big 12 does not respect ISU. Weren’t they in a conference with OU, OSU, KU, and KSU for a long time?

I have nothing against ISU.

In order to gain respect, you must first earn respect… sorry, ISU.

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