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Unless it is packed that is a terrible idea.

If it is packed, then I concur.


There is no place to put the cameras on the other side of the court


The plan is already in place to move the camera to the other side of the court so no need for a petition


It worked like a charm!


Don’t like this. Move the bench back to where it was. I don’t like looking at the back of the players heads. :unamused:


Can we not have a camera on each side? I mean it is 2021.


leave the camera where it is.


The view as it is now is a bad look, most of those expensive gray seats are empty, where the other side is usually full, move the camera!

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They could also switch the press tables and benches as well.

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I’m not sure about this. Attendance has been great when I’ve been to game but I like to watch Coach Sampson from time to time, very entertaining.

Sucks when you get back from a game with crazy energy, go back and watch the recording of the game and know nobody knows how loud it was in the arena. Glad they’ll be showing the fans that show up every game, not just for Memphis.

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The first game I watched on TV from Fertitta I wondered why are the expensive, and to find out, almost always half empty seats in the camera view? If the designer has a choice, that must be the student section. Watch a Duke, Kentucky, Michigan game…the list goes on and on. Happy to hear they’re making this adjustment.


I doubt the benches get moved. I can’t see them not having the benches in front of the premium seats.

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Then people are going to be complaining why they can’t see coach on tv or the players on the bench. If I’m in fertitta i don’t want that benched moved. I want to be able to see

Doesn’t seem those paying premium prices need to have the benches in front of them. I don’t see that as a huge perk. On the other hand, not having the coaches standing in front of the action all game might be a perk. :joy:

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I don’t pay premium. But if I did I’d be perfectly happy seeing the bench across the court.


Love the idea of cameras facing the floor student section. Much better than on sparsely filled club seats.

I watch the games on tv (live out West)
What I see is not a good look. Half empty to empty expensive seats.
Is Fertitta suppose to look like a “mini” nba arena? No
Are we a franchise or a school basketball arena?
Does our school have students? Yes
Show the passion coming from the students.
Does a viewer like to see students having fun in the stands?
The very design of Hofheinz/Fertitta center is challenging for camera angles. The good news is that technology allows us to place cameras in areas that we could not five/six years ago.
This is a discussion that has to take place. Well I am sure it took place when the concept design was put together a few years ago. It had to.
The bottom line is that when you are watching our school on tv the view is not good. You do not “feel” the energy. It has to improve.

Honestly, thats me. I’d love to be close enough to hear Sampson on the sidelines.

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