Iowa St. President Says He'll Give UH a "Fair Shake"

Hilarious comments from a school which adds no value to a conference


This guy has no clue. What other schools are around geographically to add? Drake, Northern Ioea, South Dakota State? Lol

Uhhh … before we get out the torches and pitchforks …

He practically answered his own inquires/doubts …

" but did say that an ideal candidate would bring a good fan base, a strong academic reputation … you also want one with a history of running good, clean programs that an add prestige to a league … location in relation to the rest of the league is an issue Leath believes the Big 12 must consider when looking at expansion targets … we do have to look a little it at geography,” Leath said. “If you put two or four different schools that are wildly different geographically and it’s very difficult on our student-athletes and specifically raises the cost.”

I suspect Leath is in the fold … though he will put on an act of reluctance … just for show.

I believe one of the Kansas schools is also in and if so the other Kansas school is in.

Which leaves WVA … BUT … as long as BYU is in the mormon Gee will let the OTHER cougars in. :relaxed:

any Big 12 prez saying he wants to give us a fair shake should be commended, not ridiculed. ISU has a vote like everyone else, and we NEED it…sounds to me like he is leaning toward yes and that is a good thing…

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Paw, thats good to hear about the Kansas schools…Sounds like we’re close on Iowa State as well…As long as WVU gets Cincy and Gee helps BYU in, i am hopeful they support us for 1 of the other 2 slots…

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