Iowa State: Student Government passes resolution against BYU joining Big 12



Be seen doing something.

Wonder how these knuckleheads will feel if BYU joins the Big 12 and then BYU’s student government passes a resolution to remove (or kick-out) Iowa State from the Big 12?


I am beginning to believe that if it falls BELOW the Big12 presidents and BoRs jurisdictions

Then FAGEBOUIT !!! …

the campus dog catchers union … concession stand workers … street cleaners … greek houses

could be up in arms … and it won’t amount to ah hill of beans or register on the richter scale … expansion-wise

A couple of weeks ago some BYU fan implied the antiBYU/proGLTB contingent was being led by UH. Get a mirror bro. When the LDS got involved in California’s Prop 8 they started a lot of fires.

I personally don’t agree with BYUs honor code because I think it is invasive and violates privacy, but I think this should be a non issue for conference expansion.

If you don’t like the honor code there are other schools to attend.

Ahhh yes … there’s that tolerance, COEXIST, and other baloney they talk about until someone disagrees with them …

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BYU is a twist tie. Texas is a spoon. The Big 12 is a microwave. Sparks will fly.

I think it falls to inconsistency. Let’s face it; BYU isn’t in step with where most schools are going with diversity and inclusion (or at least NOT exclusion). The Big12 opens themselves to extra litigation if they look the other way about BYU, but at some hypothetical future day, come down hard on another school for some kind of gay bashing or some other dumb crap. Inconsistency will get you every time.

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That was due to the University of Houston official account tweet that was posted immediately after the news broke about the LGBT associations protesting BYU’s inclusion. Some folks on twitter decided to tie UH into the controversy.

Really poor optics on the part of our social media team to allow that tweet to go off (especially since they also misspelled a word in it). They claimed it was a timed tweet, but I have my doubts as does most everyone else.

UT SGA joining in on protesting BYU.