Is AI Writing Some of Our History?

Below is my take on this interesting tweet from Scott ‘Dilbert’ Adams —

NOTE: he DOESN’T write ‘AI will be writing ALL history from now on’

Here’s my take —

IF Artificial Intelligence algorithms (AI) shape our social media feeds thereby influencing our thoughts, feelings, & behavior…

THEN Yes, AI is, in effect, ‘writing some of our history.’

Whether you like Scott’s politics or not, he has some mind-expanding tweets, IMO. Search Twitter for ‘AI (from:ScottAdamsSays)’ for more of his AI posts.

It is an interesting point. We see fake bots but they are not just spontaneous appearing. They are being directed and programed by someone.

But we are getting closer to AI being self aware.

An algorithm or computer program isn’t “aware” of anything. It’s a set of mathematical operations and instructions.

Let’s get real.

Yep, it may look real but it is driven by human programing.

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I agree it still requires human input and human created algorithims. Our products do AI/ML, its just a buzz word mostly.