Is Big 12 Expansion Falling Apart? - By Christopher Lambert

I loved Christopher Lambert in Highlander, though it was weird having a French guy playing a Scot (and a Scottish guy playing a Spaniard)).


And the soundtrack by Queen was badass.


So according to Chris …

BYU/UH looks doable … UH/UC fagetbouit …

Birmingham Young stated they would abide/enforce Title IX more stringently and even adjust their honor code to the LGBTs … BUT the Big12 because of Baylor just isn’t very trusting any longer.

That appears to be the key … trust … none and adios expansion … believe the mt. cougars to be true to their word and the two cougars are new members.

Really wondering how much credence to give this guy. He either knows something or is thinking WAY outside the box. Either way, it’s thought provoking to say the least.

I’m a little skeptical of this idea; where would they jump to. Can’t have a conference with only 6 members? He keeps mentioning a super conference in this scenario, but doesn’t mention with what conference. Pac12 doesn’t make sense with TCU, Baylor, BYU, and then LHN. B1G probably isn’t going to take that group. SEC? ACC?

That rumor has been gaining traction from different web sources … some bogus and some legit

Salt Lake Tribune stated many days ago that BYU had a plan B option in place.

Texas schools it would seem are UT TT with UH added … some have TCU some don’t Baylor is left out in all …

The horns need TT and one more to break up the conference … more than likely the one school they cannot get along with … OU … going to the SEC without OKLite …

If its the Pac12 then they would likely take ONLY ONE religious school and NO MORE … either BYU or TCU but not both … it would be cleaner to take TCU and OU is not needed but BYU may or may not be the popular choice for the Pac12.

Whether these rumors are true or not … UT wins regardless bringing UH into the Big12 or taking them elsewhere to another conference.

WITH THIS IN MIND it should scare the northern schools spitless knowing that if they don’t side with the horns before 10/17 their P5 world is coming to end …

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Montemayor keeps mentioning this. I’m curious if someone is feeding him legit info.

Personally, I’d like to see PAC add Houston, UT, New Mexico and UNLV.

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It could be a tactic to scare the non-OK schools to vote with the Texas block for expansion; otherwise, it is
the end of big 12 as they know it!

Here’s the whole Montemayor string of tweets today. Basically sounds like he and the Dude are getting the same info and spinning it how they want to:

I think he’s getting it from BYU

Basically the rule of the game is if you’re leaking, you’re losing and the purpose of the leak is to put you on more favorable footing.

Texas has long lusted after the PAC, and I think politics in state partially kept them from pulling the trigger last time. If OU won’t play ball, does Abbott then give approval for Texas to bolt west provided it brings it’s buddies?

Doesn’t matter if it is true or not I suppose, just that the Little 8 believe it.

I’ve been wondering all along if there wasn’t some planning behind the scenes with our current conference to expand and beat everyone to the punch and make itself a “Power” conference. Our conference Pres. is a former TV guy and I’m sure has plenty of knowledge about the process and connections to make it happen if he really wants it to. How freaking cool would it be if the AMERICAN Conference truly became a conference that stretched from coast to coast by expanding and adding in some marque names and new blood (i.e. - tu, BYU, Air Force, Army, etc.). ESPN is happy because UConn is in it, S Florida is covered, Texas is covered, the service academies are covered, BYU is in and tu is in for good measure. Everyone gets to play in NO every couple of years and give there fan base a horrible hangover, regardless of whether your team wins or loses the game on the field, and you can go hang out a Disney too every couple of years! What’s not to lose and how does this note become a great TV conference that has a little bit of everything on a national basis???

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Can someone enlighten me as to the reason the PAC hates religious schools so much? That makes no sense to me.

Left Coast bro.

The Mormon church was heavily implicated in Prop 8 that banned gay marriage in CA back in '08, and I’m sure there are some hurt feelings there.

People in academia tend to skew left of the political divide, academics in California even more so.
Its a culture wars thing.

How open-minded and tolerant of them! Is this just the PAC, or a bunch of other conferences as well?

I am extremely skeptical because UT moving to another conference would mean another conference would accept the LHN. If he it talking when the LHN deal is up, then okay but you can literally predict anything to happen 10 years from now with little consequence. No matter how frustrated UT is with OU, they aren’t giving up LHN right now as a result.

Meanwhile on Renu’s twitter -


YES!!! Never going to happen. No way Tech get’s left out. There was a quite rumble when UH was left out of the Big12…there would be outrage should Tech, TCU and Baylor got left behind.

I know it’d be sweet justice, but I don’t see it happening.

Your profile says “Smoker of fine meats”…dude, I think you’re smoking something other than meats.

I actually can see it happening in Montemayor’s scenario with UT, Tech, TCU, Houston, and BYU

Baylor may be SOL but they’re in trouble after last year and the newness hasn’t worn off.

I tend to agree with Patrick on his question about where those teams would go. Unless the idea is to take those 6 teams and find 6 more somewhere else to start an entirely new conference, this seems like a non-starter. I just don’t see any other conferences adding 6 new teams right now.

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