Is CDH the reason DS reacts slowly?

QB’s that Dana Holgorsen has worked with at UH that were recruited out of HS by Art/Kendal Briles:

#1 - Case Keenum
#2 - D’Eric King
#3 - Clayton Tune
#4 - Lucas Coley

Just sayin’ …

[Not - Donovan Smith]

If anything Tune was too aggressive. He often tried to do too much as a youngster. He tried to win games in one play instead of the game coming to him.

Smith is just shell-shocked out there right now. CDH alluded today in his press conference no other QB on the roster is P5 ready, so we’ll see what happens. There is a narrative where Smith gets right against a lesser opponent this weekend and figures it out. I sure hope so.

I’m sorry, but I don’t see a “system” with SDH. I just don’t see a sophisticated "system. Someone please explain.

The system is difficult because it is pro style. There are only about ten pro QBs that manage it with success.
The college game has rpo and more pre-snap decisions.
Surveying a field to find an open receiver in 3 seconds is a talent very few collegiate or pros possess.
That is why innovative offenses usually do much better. They take the pressure off the QBs from having to do something really difficult.
Dana”s offense is not so much complex as it is difficult to succeed in.


I think he was hurt on a non-contact play. I may be wrong, but that my memory.

I liked Tune, but I never felt he had the it factor. There was no exam ranked higher than us that was afraid Tune would take over a game and beat them.

I listen to the devil’s advocate in Dana saying, “things take time.”

This isn’t a pro league where you keep roughly 95% of your roster from year to year. In college you turn over about 23% of your roster every year. And that’s how great staffs always have a qualified junior or senior step in when the QB graduates. No one told Dana five years ago he had to take the second-stringers from other schools. He could have recruited kids like the other coaches.


The one thing, might be small, but Smith lacks awareness of the play clock. Many times he is still trying to get everyone lined up for the play at 9-8 seconds left and comes close to a delay of game many times prior to snapping the ball. I am in section 312 and find myself starting to say out loud, “watch the clock” as it ticks to 2 seconds.


Dana will go down waving the flag of the ball control offense. A year and a half ago I was on Dana’s side because I’m a big fan of run first. But I failed to realize how utterly lazy this staff is in regards to preparation.


TCU Briles ran for 300 yards.

Kinne’s team ran for 399 yards and threw for 285. Running can be done, even if you are passing or running from the spread.

Absolutely and that was my point…

No. But he IS the reason we’re the laughing stock of the Big 12! Why why why does he still have a job?

Lucas Coley was recruited by Kendal? I thought he was recruited by Dana?

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At Ark I guess?

Ah, that makes sense.

Did we not see the “it” factor because of Dana’s system?

The fact Tune is on and NFL roster and Tank is being Tank at the NFL level leaves me to conclude Dana only scratched the surface of their potential, especially in their Sr year.