Is GOP condemning or commending Trump?

Trump has a sit down dinner with fellow 2024 candidate Kanye West (AKA Ye) and White Supremacist Nick Fuentes, both of whom espouse antisemitism. This dinner was at Mar-A-Lago, which is Trump’s home.

Where is the GOP on this? Has anyone condemned this meeting? (If they have, please post a link because I haven’t seen it and couldn’t find anything from GOP)

It seems like the GOP is commending Trump with their silence.

I know some people might believe Trump’s assertion that Ye brought Nick Fuentes as a surprise guest. However that doesn’t explain why he would still be meeting with Ye who not only is the only declared opponent but also an antisemite.

I don’t believe for a second that Trump was surprised with Nick Fuentes joining the dinner, considering Trump is under Secret Service protection. Even if Trump was surprised, was there not someone who could say to Trump that you don’t want to meet with this guy at all much less in public?

Trump’s daughter, son in law, and grandchildren are Jewish. Trump also moved the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. However, none of that excuses this meeting.

This is inexcusable and it seems the GOP is complicit in its silence.

The GOP definitely needs to condemn that meeting.


Trump is going with his David Duke excuse, he didn’t know who Nick was, and that will ge good enough for the GOP.

But what about Kanye?

It is wasted energy denouncing Trump. Anyone who still supports him, really likes his act.

As far as Trump is concerned, he is like a shock jock, Howard Sternish type of character. Once you have done something stunning and awful, to get noticed you have to do something even more pathetic and awful. Otherwise people just forget about you. Since Trump needs the attention, I suspect he will do more and more awful things just to keep everyone’s attention (all the while fundraising off of old people and dumbazzes).


Looks like a couple condemnations so far but still mostly silence.

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Yep. This is probably a sign of things to come. Lord help us if he is somehow elected again.

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He won’t be.


Hopefully he’s a convicted felon. We need to make an example of him. Show the country this kind of stuff won’t be tolerated.


Totally agree. I am worried it won’t happen but it needs to happen.


Honestly, silence is the best answer to anything that clown does.

If there was never another Trump thread here we’d have still had way too many.


I don’t see any scenario in which he can be elected. But I don’t even want it to get to that point.
I’m hoping he does not ever get the nomination. GOP needs to move on from trumpism.

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Trump will be around because the press is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. His flame is outrageousness and he will continue to stoke that flame.

Yawn, a business loser says outrageous things…yawn.

With the way our justice system moves, is it realistic to think we could even get to a conviction
phase in the next 20-23 months ? With newly appointed special prosecutor, and looking at past
such officials, I’m thinking we are many months away from possible indictments being issued.

I don’t think it will take that long for documents. We will see, idk.

The documents issue should be the easier case to make. The interference in the transfer of
power and the fake electors scheme would seem to be the more egregious transgression, but
more complicated to indict on, requiring more work. Be interesting to watch how Jack Smith
decides to develop and proceed in these cases.


So far his three biggest supporters have not shown up in this thread.

Believe it or not, this one time, I will not condemn Donald Trump.

Don’t start celebrating Trumpsters.

His defense is plain and simple. Donald Trump, is, and always has been a moron.

Donald Trump thinks Frederick Douglas is still alive.
Donald Trump thinks that a Clorox shake would be a good way to get rid of a deadly virus.
Donald Trump wants to shine a light on people to get rid of same virus.
Donald Trump wants to drop a nuke inside a hurricane.

Don’t tell me about this grifters money. He obviously has some power to fool half a nation of lemmings.

But he is a moron.

The defense rest.


Don’t forget

How can we forget that one

Lol…90210…that is your best come back…lol

You still support Trump after dinner with Fuentes?