Is it time to sit a starter?

Rob is in a slump.
Galen is non-productive on offense.
Is it time to sit Galen, have Rob take over point guard, and get Brooks into the game, to help scoring. In my opinion, we cannot have two guys who are offensively non-productive.
What do you guys think?

It seems to me if Robinson would shoot and make a few it would open up the offense especially for Gray, the other teams no he won’t shoot and hardly even guard him, they are daring him to shoot

Not sure what game you were watching, but we killed Cincy when Galen was on the floor, And Cincy killed us when Galen was on the bench.


Rob is usually productive in other ways when he can’t score and Galen helps with keeping teams from pressing often. If anything was to change, it would be to let White start in place of Brady.

Brooks will be ready to start when he realizes it’s better to step inside the arc and take the two spot. Going 0-4 from 3 point range is one thing, going 0-8 from 3 point range without attempting a single shot inside the arc means he can’t handle getting the green light just yet.

No need to change the starting lineup; CKS is putting the best 5 we have out there.

Plus, Armoni is an offensive boost off the bench. If you sit Galen and put Armoni in the starting 5, you really don’t have any scoring punch other than White coming off the bench. Galen’s defense and leadership is way important in the starting 5 than a few more points.


Galen, at this time, is no doubt the leader on this team. I think White has the potential to be a leader, but he is so young. Bringing Brooks off the bench is not a bad thing as he can help ignite the team. I was very impressed the way Brooks played hard against CIncy along with White…
I have no problem with Brady starting because it gives White a chance to come off the bench and continue to improve. Brady is a foul machine so White is going to get more than his share of playing time.
Rob has tried to step up as a leader but he has been so inconsistent that I think he has lost confidence in his game. For us to make a run at the Dance, or to win a game or two if we get there, we need Rob to step up…

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How do you dis-heart a post. If someone was going to bash Galen, this wasn’t the game to do it. He had several key steals and key assists. No comprendo.

Didn’t get to see it, working late, just saw the stats. What happened in the 2nd half then? The stats showed we shot 35% in the 2nd half. Did Galen not play much in the 2nd half?

Not bashing, an open discussion often involves viewpoints that do not agree.

Galen’s contributions at point and his quickness are a good complement to the scoring abilities of the others. The team is better with him at the point

I am watching now knowing the outcome. Coogs are missing some shots in the low block and they are missing FTs. Plus. Cincy seems to have cut out their turnovers and Washington’s 3 pt shots were killer.

This game was lost at the end of the first half in my opinion with a combination of phantom fouls, ill-advised shots as the lead dwindled and that horrible turnover with no shot clock at the end leading to that big 3 off the board. Lead should have been closer to 10 or more rather than 3


Galen was the singular reason we were up huge in the first half. Just like our bigs couldn’t handle Cincy’s bigs, Cincy had nobody who could check Galen.

I agree that our play at the close of the first half contributed to the loss. At half time, we should have had a 10 point lead instead of a 3 point lead. We suddenly got sloppy with the ball. This is when leadership on the floor should step up and control the execution of the game. Fouls, poor ball control, ill advised shots and poor free throw shooting were reasons for the loss. We played hard, but it’s very difficult to beat a quality team on the road when we don’t bring our A game. We’re still not a high functioning team on the road against quality opponents and unfortunately for us the NCAA tournament games are played on the road against quality opponents.

I think the team fell apart the last 3-4 minutes of the first half and never really got it back although we stayed close for most of the 2nd half. But the first 15 minutes of the game were the best our team has played in many years, imo.

I think losing to Cincy by 10 on the road is not a disaster, shows good progress, and indicates we’re not an elite program yet. I bet Cincy beats their 1st round NCAA tournament opponent by more than 10.

For reference, Cincy beat SMU by 20 at Cincy when SMU was 100% healthy

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bench a starter this team was up 18 on the #8 team in the nation…
benching isnt the issue but finishing

zanna fouls too much…brady fouls whre light but teach him what the refs are looking for …

vocal rob and corey are the leaders…you can see both of them dictating what is happening on the court every play

i dont think scoring makes you a leader…when rob is on the floor even when he isnt scoring the game is moving ands he is dictating where everyone should go… you see him going to everyone after every stop in play and talking to them, sometimes yelling at them to be where they should be…
whenever rob and corey arent in the game… the offense stalls…galen isnt directing anyone . i dont see galen as the leader as he doesnt take command of the floor

if galen want even the slightest chance at the nba he has to go the gym this offseason and shoot 1000 threes every game…for his career

no pro-team is looking for a point who cant make wide open 3’s… the college 3 is like a free throw in the nba …he doesnt need to be shooting it in peoples faces or have a quick release but he has to be able to make it open that wide open…they are borderline mocking him with how much room they give him…

cincy’s center was more of a threat at the 3 than our point guard…it wont change this season. he should still be the starter but he has work to do in the offseason

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I’m not the biggest Galen Robinson fan. If he was any kind of threat to make a jump shot, this offense would be so much better. But he was fantastic yesterday. He ran the offense with authority, took care of the ball, played great defense and pushed the ball so well Cincy didn’t have time to get back and get set up.

That said, I am looking forward to Nate Hinton being here next year. That guy can shoot from the outside and he’s necessarily going to push Galen to be better than he currently is.

They do foul too much, but that wasn’t the problem this game. Those refs called some really chitty calls against us.