To talk about who we have committed for next year, how many scholies we have unused and who we might go after?

Last year when we lost to Michigan I wondered how we would replace man bun. We had three (3) senior guards step up so I think we can reload if we keep our coach.

Yes and here we go again with the rumors of Sampson leaving. Dang, if it takes giving his son the position in six years then do it…but I bet there are plenty of big schools out there who will offer more cash. So tired of losing coaches…step up and pay the man, offer his son and move on…


No, talk away because I need reminding of who we have coming in. Do we have any big guys, I mean real bigs, not the 6-7 kind.

No. We have 6’3 PG Caleb Mills (already with team), 6’2 SG Marcus Sasser, and 6’7 PF J’Wan Roberts coming in.

sampson likes the 6’7 kind, we have 2 of those coming in

and 2 guards…

not unless an undeniable recruit comes open we are done for 2019

we have 2 ships but likely used on players sitting out


Doesn’t make sense though. He even admitted that Breon had trouble against idk what team because of their height. Why not recruit bigger guys? Easier said than done but still.

This has been a great season, but I’m officially worried about next year. And this tournament has only made me more worried. We are losing a ton of senior leadership. Tonight Corey, Galen, Deeky and Armoni were the only people who could do anything offensively against UK and we are losing two of them. I’m worried about Deeky being our starting PG. He just seems so fire and ice instead of the steady hand Galen has brought us and CKS likes. Nate and Ced have regressed at least offensively as the season has progressed. Armoni is up and down and he’s our best returning player. I just think we have some guys not ready for prime time and prime time is coming in 7 months. You guys have brought up a lot of these points, some I’ve refuted but the tournament confirmed these things for me.

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i joke about sampons liking te 6’7 bigs…but sampson loves certain characteristics from his bigs

the ability to run the floor at a fast pace and be coordinated, the ability to switch on a guard on defense when needed, athletic enough to play tough and for his 4 specifically the ability to shoot

the probelm is those are mostly 6’7-6’8 for the ability we were available to recruit at, if there was a 6’11 uy who could do that we’d offer them

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UK is elite defensively, as of our known games next year, 0 teams are of that quality …

i dont think nate regressed, his role just decreased becuase dejon got healthy and in the rotation…ced offense was never good…him shooting less is actually a good thing

ji really like the roster next year and polishing, and i really like the additions , just needs some polishing …once upon a time we called galen a liability and didnt want him on the floor…our guys will get better like he did


People always bitched that when Penders was here the players didn’t improve by the time they graduated. It seems that we can’t say that with Sampson’s players because they are better by the time they left than when they arrived on campus.



Don’t forget about Gorman the transfer from Towsen that is redshirting this year. Sampson said when the new class signed that eventually he wanted positions 1-4 to be 3pt threats to help our spacing. We haven’t got that 3 shooting 4 yet, but supposedly Gorman has that kind of shooting range.


If Sampson stuff gets worked out and he stays… man this Fall will be as exciting as gearing up for football season!


Two returning players on Twitter are very optimistic that CKS is staying. That’s the best sign yet to me. Armoni and Nate are high character young men. They don’t just shoot their mouths off.


I share a little bit of your concerns but I think we’ll see a tremendous amount of growth from all of our players over the off season. It is the CKS way. Those seniors were not this way after only a year with the program. We have a bunch of freshmen and sophomores on this team, and a good group coming in. I am confident we will continue to progress. Gotta keep Coach though. Go Coogs


We need a BIG man who can play period!


I tend to agree. On the surface CKS tends to focus on the right mix 1-4 but he also would probably like to complement those shooters will a quality big. Hard to find though. I think as the resurgence continues, it will get easier to address. Keep Coach!!! Go Coogs!

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Nate hasn’t regressed but his jump shot did.

I get a sense that we have a development program with these kids lifting weights, watching film, shooting free throws, and working on other aspects of their game during the week. You can see it with kids gaining mass and improving. I feel like Armani will live in the gym this summer the way Corey and Galen did to polish his game. Deeky should be doing the same.

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