Is Matthew going to affect the game with Navy?

The Coogs have had enough funky parts of their schedule. Hopefully this doesn’t have an impact on the game.

Looking at the latest link Matthew appears to be slowing down … the upper bands are about 80 miles away at game time …

If the game is moved up to 11 am it could well avoid the winds and team and coog fans could leave in time to avoid the storm … maybe … still early … hurricanes tend to slow down if they are touching the coast.

2008 a UH game with Air Force got moved to Dallas due to Ike. Then in Dallas it got moved from 2:30 to 10am.

I think I watched that one on an internet stream.

Storm models have moved east about 150 miles. Looks a lot better with last revised models.

Hunter emailed me and said going on as scheduled. Actually should cut down on the crowds for the yacht show.

It would really suck if they move the game time, a close friend and donor of the band donated a charter flight for a small portion of the band to go to this game, half of the group is flying up the day of and litterally gets off the plane and drives straight to the game, what a waste of money if they move the game time and they miss the game altogether. I’m on the group who is going up the night before, hopefully we don’t end up stuck in Maryland.

it will be a wet game and breezy but the storm will be down in intensity by then and losing its breadth and strength.
unless the course goes way off the predicted path the game should go as planned…getting same day out of baltimore…could be another issue.
they may have to get on the busses and head west to pittsburgh or stay overnight

Link …

South Carolina’s governor has already called for the evacuation of the coastal region with 1.1 million set to move inland

North Carolina’s governor has called for a state of emergency in 66 counties apparently on the coast.

All of this just through Thursday …

I’ll be at the game. What section will the band be seated?

I believe so – USC(e) vs. LSU, IIRC.

i’m flying out Thursday for the game. Many of us Coogfans who are traveling will be really pissed if they move the game back to Houston.

Yeesh, I remember that game. Still poured all over Dallas and the offense couldn’t do anything because of all the rain. Air Force won that game, but we got them later in the Armed Forces Bowl that year.

I think the issue isn’t the game, but travel after.

Sorry I don’t have that info, they haven’t told us much, but I’m willing to assume there will be enough empty seats for you to move closer to is if you’d like!


Matthew hasn’t run out gas … still a dangerous cat. 2 to 3 hurricane …


He has stalled … slowed down to a crawl … latest projections has him hundreds of miles away from Annapolis by game time and actually heading east into the Atlantic.

Link …

Unfortunately the Florida/SCarolina/NCarolina coastlines will bear the brunt of the storm and take the heavier damage.

My sister and brother-in-law get to bail out of Charleston today. The models are looking better. if this takes a hard right turn when it’s off the coast of Georgia there will be a lot fewer people impacted than the track projected 2-3 days ago.


Looked at the National Hurricane center this morning and their forecasted path is a hard Easterly turn just as Matthew reaches North Carolina Sunday morning. Good news for millions of people and the game.

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