Is The Novice Better Crazy?

I know less than nothing about sports betting, but am thinking of having a little fun. Idea is to bet $100 each on UH, AL, KS, UCLA, Purdue and AZ. These are the current top 6 on BetMGM. Payouts are $600(UH) to $1200(AZ). So, by betting on the 6 favorites you give up on the remaining 62 in the field. But, if one of the favorites win you will either breakeven with UH or net up to $600 with AZ. Comments?

Seriously this plan looks awful, if you actually want to win money. Seems like your goal is not to loss much but the feild could leave you with zero

That’s not a great idea tbh. If ya wanna hedge you’d be better dumping Purdue and Arizona and getting someone with longer odds. Texas at +2000 maybe Baylor +1800. Heck I’d take Tcu who is +3500 over Purdue.

Just bet on UH for a GRAND. Best team in America :baby_bottle:


Is that what you did?

Put $100 on UH last October at 10-1

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I think the way mattress Mack does it is interesting. He places a future bet with insane odds way before the season starts. She doesn’t have a lot of cash in at this point with a pretty great payout. As the season goes on if it’s looking more likely that the Astros or cougars, or whoever have a real shot, he will continue to place bets throughout the season as the odds get worse but his confidence gets better. That way his blended odds are still pretty solid, but he can manage his risk as the season goes on based on how much more additional cash he bets

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Mattress Mack will admit he is terrible at betting. He is amazing at promotion. Furniture has over a 100% mark up on the floor. His Astros one was the first or second time he actually won the big bet. He almost always loses it. He was on the radio talking about how he is the most famous bad bettor in the world.

I don’t think crackers61 is betting against a furniture sale.

The full time sport bettors that make a living have winning percentage dog about 55-60%. Just out do the house.

It’s late enough in the game that it doesn’t make sense to bet on anyone until you know what the bracket looks like.

I’m not a bettor, but good luck to those that bet on the Coogs.

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I have casually bet. Used to do more back in the day. Actually had a bookie that worked out of SRO’s and a pay or get paid $1000 line with him. Went one nfl season without paying or getting paid.

One thing I learned early on, just don’t bet on a team that you cannot clearly judge. I could always tell you why the Coogs will go undefeated. No beta laid on that. Plus betting against them would be sacrilege even if you knew we would get rolled.

Betting does make games more interesting when you have no vested interest in the teams.

I did something similar but with a bit of a different mix. UH winning would net me about break-even, which I can handle just fine :champagne:. But I have a team at +1200 and another at +2000, so there is some great potential. Or I could lose it all, but the truth is I’m far enough up this year, it’s really a nonissue. College badketball is the only sport that I’m consistently good at betting.

just buy $5000 of furniture from Mack, even if they lose you still have the furniture :wink: