Is there a link to view available seats at TDECU?

Is there a new link to view available seats at TDECU? I logged on to my U of H ticket account where it used to be and there is nothing there. I have a friend who is interested in buying tickets and he asked me for the link. I would appreciate any information on this topic.

We have a new ticket site. Visit and find the buy tickets link. That will take you to the site.

I think I was just on that site and it was almost useless. They sure make it difficult to buy tickets I did not see it on that site.

Thanks to everyone who sent the links. I still could not see the individual seats that were available. I really like the 3D looks from the seats. I am sending this information to my friend.

Season Ticket link: Click on the section for available seats

Single Game Tickets: Click Find tickets and it should pull up the map

The Mini-plan tickets are a bit different and I’m not sure it pulls up the map

Note: Lot of tickets available for the Rice game in the 200 and 300 sections. Going to take a massive effort to sell it out. Kind of surprised the ticket office isn’t doing a major push right now; maybe the hurricane has put any of those plans on hold.