Is this year’s schedule the toughest schedule we’ve ever had since the SWC?

Heavy emphasis on SOME games… :rofl:

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In 2015, Memphis was ranked when we played them, and Navy was 9-1 and in top 10 when we played them…Temple was ranked when we played them in the championship game…so we played 3 ranked AAC teams in 2015 and won all 3…and beat ranked Fla St in the Peach…

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Doesn’t make sense. Maybe if the first year was a crap show and we lost a senior QB it would make sense.

That was the AAC’s banner year… i was on the news after the Navy game… :grin:

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YES…if it was an ‘apples to apples’ comparison we should have been in the playoff HAD we beat UCONN.

I believe we had MORE wins over ranked opponents than Alabama, that season.

But of course we entered the polls way late in the season to get inside the top 4 plus the human bias element but just off of WHO beat the most ranked opponents…UH had a VERY TOUGH schedule in 2015.

This is why I think we will do much better than predicted in 2024!

That 2015 team was special… lots of NFL talent was on that team.

I am going to give Fritz the first six games to implement his system, see how the players perform in an actual game and make any personnel changes based on performance. My guess the first six games are:

UH v. OU - UH L
Rice v. UH - UH W
UH v. Cin - UH L
IA St. v. UH - UH W
UH v. TCU - UH L

UH finishes the first half of the season at 3-3. I will pay close attention to see how the team performs the second half of the season, when there should be some continuity in the offense/defense/special teams. The second half will be considerable more difficult than the first half. My guess:

UH v. KS - UH L
UT v. UH - UH L
KS St. v. UH - UH L
UH v. AZ - UH L
Bay v. UH - UH W
UH v. BYU - UH L

2024 prediction: 4-8.