Isaiah Johnson ejects, won't play in bowl game


It is possible that he wasn’t in the scheme for Army given their lack of passing attack.

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I wish him well and thank him for his efforts at UH.


Good luck IJ! Make us proud in the pros!

He worked hard, best of luck to the Speedster.

Hope this does not cause army to change their game plan and come out throwing.


Good luck to him.

Why would they have to throw? We will have a 235 pound true freshman playing nose tackle at some point during the game. They’ll run it for sure.


Why risk it? This is going to become extremely popular among draft eligible players. The CFP has eliminated so much of the glamour that is involved with bowls. That and having 40 bowl games as well.

Not mad at all. Just getting ready for the new normal.


Wish IJ all the best. Hope he gets drafted.

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Team…brotherhood…etc. I am not mad at the guys for their decisions but I also see the other side of the coin for the guys that won’t get drafted, will play their last game and want to go out on top. I feel for those guys who worked side by side with those that will be drafted. Has to be tough on them. I get the business side though.


I hope coach Carrel implements runs a 5-2 defensive front, with variations, vs Army to compensate for our inexperience up front. They do use the pass selectively and average 10.6 ypa to our 8.2. They complete 53% of passes so they we’re talking 19.9 ypc. No time to fall asleep in coverage.


I get that. But those brothers aren’t going to pay them next year. I am assuming the early withdrawals will just practice for the combine. Eventually the Steve Etmans of the world will be rising to the top and combine warriors will be all over the place.

I don’t like it for the same reasons mentioned before. If this is the “new norm” where does it stop? One good game as a sophomore and sorry, I’m going pro?

That’s the player’s choice and it ends where it makes sense to end. Someone will hang it up too early and it will cost him big. Others will note that.

Why should fans go to the game if the players aren’t?


He’s a senior. He’s had scouts on him for a while now; what more we need from him? He didn’t leave last year and looked out for us then. It’s only fitting he makes a “selfish” decision to get a jump start at the pros.

Oh my, how did we not know that this post will devolve from forward-thinking comments to butt hurt and tunnel vision?

It’s pretty much the norm now. Good for the players. They worked their butts off - Now go get paid.


As soon as the coaches are held accountable, then I’ll start getting mad at the players. Hard to blame the players when those that are supposed to lead them have no problem jumping to get paid.

Whole system is screwed up.