Ish Harris - LB to UH

So glad all of this recruiting news has my spirits up from the lackluster season. I know that it has to translate onto the field, but, man, is it a great start.

Ish Harris is a college “rover” style LB.
The LB/S in a 4-2-5 defense.

Lets hope he is good. UH defense had huge issues on 5- 10 yard passes.


Is this the position that Rogers and grant stuard played?

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I’d just be happy if we got either a DE or outside LB to shut down QB keepers around the end.

Kansas’ QB KILLED us with those!

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Sometimes. He was great in space (5 solo tackles a game in 2020) and played traditional LB vs the run.
Stuart was great his last year.

Rogers is more a CB/S type.
As a remember it, they tried everything. He may have been the rover at times.

Hoping he gets an NFL chance as a KR.

If Harris can get in the mix right away as a cover guy it would help.

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There was an article or an interview or something that said Rogers played Rovers for us I don’t remember where though. With his size talent and speed having Harris in this role would be huge for our secondary!

If the DC doesn’t adjust it’s a mess.

Joseph Duarte


Linebacker Ish Harris, who signed with Houston during the offseason after beginning career with Texas A&M, is no longer on the roster. He is expected to play the upcoming season at a junior college.

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Sounds like he has “Ish-ues”…