It could be worse- Arkansas bottoming out

We could be Arkansas. Losing to San Jose State at home. Holy sheep dip.


Don’t be talking anything about sheep; we may have some aggie lurkers and you don’t want them getting all excited.


Not to worry, Hunter will find them their next great coach.

I understand that Apple Boy is available.


Anyone know who they had playing QB yesterday? Arkansas I mean

Starkel. Transfer from A&M


We are located in the most talented recruiting hotbed in the country, we should be competing for championships every year


Tulsa beat San Jose in Cali.

He was bad. He threw a beyond stupid, “wing and a prayer” INT into triple coverage w @ a minute left on 2nd down to end it.

When Ark beat Colorado State last week, their fans were going wild about revenge, etc (Ark lost in Ft Collins last year)
My thought: has Ark sunk so low that Colorado State in Ark in this huge win?

Looking at the schedule.
West Ky and maybe an upset v Missouri in Little Rock is all she wrote.

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Ok. I saw them earlier in the year and Hicks was playing.

Oh didn’t know Hicks was still even eligible. I only knew about Starkel because of some buddies who are aggies. They have, I mean had a on going debate over Starkel and the current A&M QB.

We dodged a bullet with Hicks. Didnt get him but got King instead.

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The $40mm + they’ll get this year should help heal some wounds.

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Heard some say it was only a matter of time that Starkel would be the starter over Hicks. Starkel has a stronger arm according to most but both were graded about the same coming out of high school. Maybe some assume a SEC QB has to be better than an AAC QB? I watched some of the Arky game…Starkel was bad. I think they should try Hicks again but only after Starkel/Arky vs A&M next week. Jimbo will look like a $75M coach for one week

Their coach wasn’t any good at SMU.

What were they thinking ??

As far as that goes, what were they thinking when they hired Hunter…however, I very glad they did :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The lazy/pissy thing to say about it but the $ was not on those fans minds in the stands as they embarrassed themselves.

They were a year apart. We took Kyle Postma in Hicks’ class.

I’d love to switch places with Arkansas and be in the SEC West.

I’d take an 0-12 season to start if we were finally P5. Sadly it is looking less and less likely imo.

Postma would never buy his own beer in my presence.


Hicks has looked awful at Arkansas. Night and Day as to his days at SMU. Not sure why

Because we aren’t on the schedule? :joy:

Seemed like dude played out of his mind only against us in Dallas.