It’s a process people

Major got us in this mess. Not sure what results you were expecting this year but with our defense it wasn’t going be good results. 4 games into Dana’s first year some of y’all are calling for his head. Typical. 4 games… Just sit back and relax this year. Now come next year if we have the same results you can then start to cry about the couch. It’s a process and start to have some patience for once.

Side note: Sad this year is Kings last bc I think next year will be enjoyable


Are we not going to be required to play defense next year?

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I aam not calling for Holgo’s head but we should not have lost this game. We blew a 21 point lead. Sorry but inside the 10 yard line we should have gone for td’s as our fg kicker seems to miss the chip shots. When you have a 21 point lead you shouldn’t pull in the offense. It is not safe with this defense.


Lmao. I don’t see us being very good next season. We’ll be breaking in an entire new offense.

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With next year I feel like the defense will become more comfortable all around (coaching and players)

2021… we might field a decent team


And what about the 8-10 starters we’ll be replacing on offense?

Oh, called it. I said we lose to Tulane, we will get, “Be patient, guys” and “it takes time to rebuild”.

You can win and rebuild at the same time. You aren’t limited to one or the other.


Also am sure we will have some transfers that will be there to help with the load on D. Rest easy people it will be a long year in my opinion. Now currently looking forward to seeing deeky slam.

Honestly hoping for some redshirts after today.


Transfers like Chambers? Be careful what you wish for.

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offense isnt good enough to worry about losing players. I think we will be fine, just hope we make a bowl game this year

delusional is good

Uhhh. D’eriq King is one of the best QBs in UH history. In my years of watching UH, I have not seen a better receiver than Marquez Stevenson. We have two really good RBs. Josh Jones is one of the best LTs that UH has had. I don’t understand that comment.


Patrick Edwards was pretty good but I get your point.

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We’ve had plenty receivers better than any of the three this year , and plenty of qb’s better than king … not bashing them , just stating the truth …


I’m not calling for his head.

I just think if we are where we think we are as a program (P5 worthy, etc.) then we need to do much better.

We have 2 seasons with less than 4 losses in the last 30 years and 3 conference championships.

We should be consistently winning most of G5 games.

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Please name the “plenty” of receivers better than Marquez Stevenson.

Donnie Avery was another outstanding receiver that had great hands and speed. I would also argue that Tyron Carrier was just as productive as Marquez during his time here. Vincent Marshall even?

All of those Kevin kolb era receivers can match him, Patrick Edwards and Tyron match as well